Friday, February 24, 2012


So I'm getting some complaints from friends and family that I'm such a slacker and I haven't blogged in over a month. We are all still alive and well just busier than ever before.  I"m sure I could write about a hundred different things so instead I will just make a list (I'm good with lists) of what's new....

  • William is officially walking - like finally officially walking.  It was about three weeks ago he one decided he liked walking more than crawling and he was off.
  • I'm continuing to train for my first triathlon sprint.  To keep me motivated, I signed up and the race is in two months!  I've set the bar pretty low - finish and just don't die.....
  • I am loving on American Idol this season and I have like five favorites and no idea who might win.
  • Last weekend, I spent my first few nights in a row away from William.  It was definitely different and I missed him like crazy!  I loved walking in the house after three days away and seeing his face light up when he saw me!
  • Diaper changes are kinda like torture because William doesn't want to lay down, then he doesn't want to sit still, then he wants to grab his privates (that are probably completely covered in poop), then he has had horrible diaper rash and he screams because he's in pain.  All around pretty sucky.
  • Last night I took William to the indoor kiddie pool at our gym.  He absolutely loved it.  He squealed with delight at all the kids running around.  He splashed like mad (and for once our bathroom wasn't the wet disaster afterwards).  I bent over and tried to show him how to blow bubbles.  He bent over and stuck his face in the water and took a drink.  Hmm...we'll have to work on that.
  • He's starting to "talk" more.  He babbles all the time.  He seems to be starting to repeat sounds we make - like words.  It's so much fun!
  • He is definitely understanding things we say - I say, "Let's go to bed," and he'll walk to the steps and wait for me to open the gate.  Adam will say, "Do you want some food?"  He'll walk over to the highchair for lunch.  Beware...he's smarter than he appears! 
  • We have an awesome bedtime routine.  One of my favorite parts is when I brush his teeth and then hand him the toothbrush and his face just lights up.  He takes to brushing his own teeth (or basically chewing on the toothbrush) and then he smiles and attempts to brush mine too.  It's adorable!
  • Speaking of adorable, he kissed me on the lips the other day.  I asked for a kiss and puckered my lips and he leaned in to put his lips on mine.
  • I'm like half the rest of the world - I'm obsessed with Pinterest.
  • I'm ready for spring and for the time change and for summer and for leaves to come back and for the ability to enjoy outside without being frozen.  Someone remind me to appreciate the summer when it becomes 95 degrees outside....
I think that's enough for now.  Will do my best to keep up on things - if not for myself and a journal type thing for William, then to get Stefanie and my mom off my back.  hehe love you both


Mom (Grandma) said...

Thanks babe!

Stef said...

THANKS!!! Love the updates! Miss you!


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