Sunday, December 18, 2011

Congrats, baby sister!!

So today something awesome is going to happen!  It's actually could be happening right now!  (I've obviously scheduled this post)  My baby sister is getting engaged! The man of her dreams is probably going to get down on his knee to ask her to spend the rest of her life with him!  [Josh fooled me!!  He couldn't wait until Christmas Eve when this post was scheduled for and he proposed Friday!!!]  I'm so happy for them and I couldn't ask for a better guy for my new brother-in-law.  She has always been there for me and I can't wait to help her along the way to plan her wedding and to marry her man!

Congrats, sissy.  So happy for you and Josh.  Love you both so much!!

Let the wedding planning begin!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(Not so Wordless) Wordless Wednesday - cell phone pics

Stay-at-home-daddy's important job is sending mommy pictures during the day!  Here are some of my favorites recently.

Not only does William love Cheerios for breakfast, Tressel does too.  He waits for his daily rations...

This kind of picture is just able to make me happy no matter what is going on at work that day!

Having fun with his daddy!  Another type of picture that could put a smile on my face regardless of how
much I wanna pull my hair out at work.

We aren't exactly parents that plop their kids in front of the TV to watch it endlessly, but
 I guess as of yesterday, our son is loving on Dora!  Who knew?!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My favorite things about my one year old

  1. He is starting to take one or two steps at a time!  So cute to watch him try but he's not fast enough that I'm chasing him around everywhere.  hehe
  2. The surprises I find now that he's putting toys everywhere and in everything.  A surprise block in my shoe.  A hidden car in the laundry.  Makes me smile.
  3. He is loving music.  He wakes up from his nap and points to the CD player in his room and says "Dat!"  He wants me to turn on the music.  He hears music coming from anywhere and he dances.  I sing to him and he hums and mumbles in a singing voice along with me.  It's so fun and adorable!
  4. He is starting to learn that the dog toys are for the dog, not him.  He will go get it and bring it to Tressel.  He's already learning to share!  Melts my heart!
  5. Speaking of sharing, he's now to the age of handing you some of the food he's eating so you can eat it.  He thinks it's hilarious if you eat it.  You just need to work up the courage to stomach the half eaten cracker or soggy with slobber cheerio. 
  6. He can totally give out hugs!  Talk about making my heart burst in my chest....he will hold his hands out wide and dive in.  He hugs his stuffed animals too (and calls them all "babies").
  7. If he gets so excited at something, he will crawl so fast in any direction with his head down and make gleeful sounds.  It's so funny until he runs into the wall or furniture from not looking where he's going.
  8. So it's one of those things your parents probably did to you and now we do it with our son.  "How big is William?  SO BIG!!!"  And he stretches both arms up in the air to show that he, is indeed, so big.  hehe
  9. We have a bedtime routine and one of the tasks involves brushing his teeth.  We walk into the bathroom and he knows what this means.  He smiles really big to show me his teeth so we can brush them.  It's one of my favorite things we do at night.  Always makes us both laugh.
  10. He's really getting into playing with books.  It seems that he's obsessed with the covers because whenever we read a story, he likes to flip back and forth from the page we are on to the cover.  He's slowly getting better and we can almost get thru all the pages of a book! 
Hugs for bear....

OK, so the game in this picture is something I like to call take-all-the-books-

Monday, December 12, 2011

On Vaccinations...

I am a parent who choses to vaccinate my child.  I'm not intending to open a can of worms here, but I thought this was very well-worded and I wanted to share....  Becoming Sarah

Dirty Mouth...

I think I'm a decent person.  I'm educated and always put a great emphasis on school throughout my life.  But not just that, I would think I'm well-rounded.  I was a Girl Scout (oh yeah....all the way to a Senior Scout).  I've worked at least part time since I was about fifteen years old.  I was involved in theater in high school.  I've been a volunteer on and off since I was younger.  I attend church.  I have a successful career.  I don't turn right on red when the sign tells me not to.  I definitely have my flaws but I would consider myself a good role model for my kids. 

However, I have a potty mouth.  Like...a really bad potty mouth.  I'm not even sure when or how it started!  My parents don't swear all that much.  I don't think any of my friends do all that much.  It's gotten to the point where someone can curse and it blends into the sentence for me so that I don't even notice.  Same goes for when it's coming out of my own mouth.  Parents beware.

Cursing wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that my son is now starting to repeat words and sounds and I know he's starting to understand what we are saying.  I don't want one of my son's first words to be *^#$*%& or ^$&%.  [Although it would be kinda hilarious for the baby books...umm, I mean...horrible]

So I've thought up my New Year's resolution that I'm going to start effective immediately.  No more Stephanie's potty mouth!  I don't want to be that parent that gets a call from another parent because my kid taught her kid how to say (@$&Y*#@(#*.  No...I'm taking a stand and will vow to try really really really hard. 

That is all...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

Tonight is one for the baby book....first night away from mommy!  I have never spent a night away from my lil' man since he was born.  At first it was because I was nursing on demand.  Then it was mostly because of attachment - I didn't want to be away from him.  In the last month or two, it's mostly because I couldn't find anyone to pawn him off on...totally just kidding...sort of. 

Well tonight is the night my now toddler will be packing his bags (OK...I will probably help) and heading over to Grandma and Grandpa's house!  Oh yes...for like, the WHOLE night!  To celebrate my birthday, hubby and I will be heading out for a date night sans William.  We will be heading back to our house without our sleepy guy.  And if we are feeling totally wild, we will probably sneak up to the bedroom and.....collapse out of exhaustion and sleep for a delicious ten hours or so.  (hehe, what were you thinking??  shame on you!)  Massage in the morning scheduled for the cherry on top....oh yes, all out!

Will I miss my stinky man while he's away?  Of course.  Will he even realize that we are gone?  Probably not.  Will Adam and I probably talk about him the entire time?  I'm pretty dang sure that will be a yes.  Will my internal clock still wake me up at 6 am even though I have the freedom to sleep in?  Without a doubt.  Will it still be as magical as ever?  OH YES!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guest Blogger - How to photograph a one-year old

For lil' man's first birthday, I knew I wanted to have family pictures taken but I wasn't sure where to turn.  We had pictures taken earlier in the year that we just weren't happy with.  He only turns one once so I wanted to make sure we had great pictures to cherish this stage (and to show everyone to death off).  Enter, Kelsey.  I have now learned that it takes a special ability and art to be able to capture amazing child photos because you know...they either don't stop moving, crying or walking crawling away.  Or maybe that's just my kid?  I am beyond thrilled with how they turned out and that brings me to today's guest blogger, Kelsey, of Photography by Kelsey K. Anderson.  I would love it if you would go like her Facebook page and stop by her website.  Stay a while to check out her amazing collection of stunning pictures - from maternity to family to beautiful landscapes.  Pretty please...with a cherry on top!  And now...introducing Kelsey.....

How do you photograph a one-year-old…? Let me tell you, it is part of the Art of child photography. But when I get it right, sharing my images with the parents can bring a heart-fluttering joy! Since I had the privilege of photographing 1-year-old William and his family, I’ve compiled some of his favorite tricks (he just doesn’t know they’re his favorite tricks…) for YOU to try out.

1) Bob the Builder. Right out of the box, lil’ William was not so excited about smiling for a picture, but quick-thinking Mom brought out the Big Guns Mom Tool Android and played a little YouTube. Voila, smile.
{Stephanie:  Trying to loosen up the subject for Kelsey to work some magic}

2) Just kinda pretend you’re not there. This is a precious shot of Mom and Son that I snuck in when William wasn’t looking.

3) Just let him go. Awesome smiling shot as soon as Mom released him from the photo cage. The trick here, of course, is that Mom and Dad had to scramble along after him to stay in the shot.

{Stephanie:  I don't know how Kelsey does it, but this picture brings tears to my eyes -}

4) Playtime! William was unaware, again, that while he was happily banging away on his picnic-table-drum, I was ready with my camera.
{Stephanie:  Action shot! Perhaps a musician like his Uncle Jordan?}

5) Monkey Dance. What you are missing here is really the best part of the shot. Just off my left shoulder, Mom was doing some amazing acrobatics that I will categorize as Monkey Dancing. That woman has some moves, let me tell you. As the dancing got more embarrassing, William’s expression exploded with happiness and laughter.

{Stephanie:  Yeah, I got some mad laughter-inflicting skills...}

 6) Family Cuddles. Yeah, just let ‘em do their sappy kissy stuff and stand by.
{Stephanie:  It's not a perfectly posed picture and I think that's what makes this one so beautiful!}

7) And when you’ve exhausted the list…let Little Man go and catch a few shots of Mommy and Daddy =)
{Stephanie: This was totally runner up to display in our living room....hehe}

Some of my other favorites that Kelsey didn't include - (although #3 is my absolute favorite!)
{Stephanie:  Oh yes, melting my heart}

{Stephanie: The 'real' one.  This one actually is hanging up in our living room}

{Stephanie: ....swoon}

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm an agent...

When you have a kid, you become that kid's agent, so to speak. You figure out what cool tricks and talents they have and then you don't hesitate to show...well....everyone. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, random guy in the cereal aisle at the grocery, nurses at the doctor office. Everyone needs to see the sweet shit your kid can do.

My kid is obviously the first kid of all time to be able to hold a cell phone up to his ear and mumble gibberish like he's talking on the phone. Or when he's in a particularly cute mood, he will hold up a hair brush or banana and pretend to talk on that. My kid is not only a genius but the cutest one ever. He's so into thinking outside the box.

Then it's his ability to say not only one, not two, but three whole words! I'm not entirely convinced he knows what any of the three mean, but he can repeat after me and appears to be the smartest baby on the planet. "William, wave to the nice lady and say 'Hi, baby', to her daughter. Go ahead, 'hi, baby.' Say it!" He obliges and I just glow that, yup, my kid....can talk! Like, with actual words!

Not only is he mentally sharp, but he physically has an advantage, I'm sure of it. He has been pulling himself up since seven months. Well, no, he doesn't walk yet, but I'm sure only because he wants to make sure he excels when he finally starts. However, my kid can climb stairs (cough, has since about nine months, cough cough). And...wait for it....he can go down stairs! [wait for applause] Go ahead, William, show them how it's done.

Well, you get the idea. I realize I'm being like all the other loon parents out there (yes, even you probably) who likes to show off all the cool things their kid can do....

"Hello?  Can you hear me now?"


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