Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Guest Blogger - How to photograph a one-year old

For lil' man's first birthday, I knew I wanted to have family pictures taken but I wasn't sure where to turn.  We had pictures taken earlier in the year that we just weren't happy with.  He only turns one once so I wanted to make sure we had great pictures to cherish this stage (and to show everyone to death off).  Enter, Kelsey.  I have now learned that it takes a special ability and art to be able to capture amazing child photos because you know...they either don't stop moving, crying or walking crawling away.  Or maybe that's just my kid?  I am beyond thrilled with how they turned out and that brings me to today's guest blogger, Kelsey, of Photography by Kelsey K. Anderson.  I would love it if you would go like her Facebook page and stop by her website.  Stay a while to check out her amazing collection of stunning pictures - from maternity to family to beautiful landscapes.  Pretty please...with a cherry on top!  And now...introducing Kelsey.....

How do you photograph a one-year-old…? Let me tell you, it is part of the Art of child photography. But when I get it right, sharing my images with the parents can bring a heart-fluttering joy! Since I had the privilege of photographing 1-year-old William and his family, I’ve compiled some of his favorite tricks (he just doesn’t know they’re his favorite tricks…) for YOU to try out.

1) Bob the Builder. Right out of the box, lil’ William was not so excited about smiling for a picture, but quick-thinking Mom brought out the Big Guns Mom Tool Android and played a little YouTube. Voila, smile.
{Stephanie:  Trying to loosen up the subject for Kelsey to work some magic}

2) Just kinda pretend you’re not there. This is a precious shot of Mom and Son that I snuck in when William wasn’t looking.

3) Just let him go. Awesome smiling shot as soon as Mom released him from the photo cage. The trick here, of course, is that Mom and Dad had to scramble along after him to stay in the shot.

{Stephanie:  I don't know how Kelsey does it, but this picture brings tears to my eyes - a.ma.zing}

4) Playtime! William was unaware, again, that while he was happily banging away on his picnic-table-drum, I was ready with my camera.
{Stephanie:  Action shot! Perhaps a musician like his Uncle Jordan?}

5) Monkey Dance. What you are missing here is really the best part of the shot. Just off my left shoulder, Mom was doing some amazing acrobatics that I will categorize as Monkey Dancing. That woman has some moves, let me tell you. As the dancing got more embarrassing, William’s expression exploded with happiness and laughter.

{Stephanie:  Yeah, I got some mad laughter-inflicting skills...}

 6) Family Cuddles. Yeah, just let ‘em do their sappy kissy stuff and stand by.
{Stephanie:  It's not a perfectly posed picture and I think that's what makes this one so beautiful!}

7) And when you’ve exhausted the list…let Little Man go and catch a few shots of Mommy and Daddy =)
{Stephanie: This was totally runner up to display in our living room....hehe}

Some of my other favorites that Kelsey didn't include - (although #3 is my absolute favorite!)
{Stephanie:  Oh yes, melting my heart}

{Stephanie: The 'real' one.  This one actually is hanging up in our living room}

{Stephanie: ....swoon}


Kelsey K. Anderson said...

Such a privilege to photograph your fun family... and to be your guest blogger =) And of course, I love your blog!

Britta Jost said...

Great post and I LOVE Kelsey's work! The pics of your family are adorable :)

Light Trigger said...

oh adorable photos!!! nice work! love the photo 3! =)

Vanessa & Caroline


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