Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My favorite things about my one year old

  1. He is starting to take one or two steps at a time!  So cute to watch him try but he's not fast enough that I'm chasing him around everywhere.  hehe
  2. The surprises I find now that he's putting toys everywhere and in everything.  A surprise block in my shoe.  A hidden car in the laundry.  Makes me smile.
  3. He is loving music.  He wakes up from his nap and points to the CD player in his room and says "Dat!"  He wants me to turn on the music.  He hears music coming from anywhere and he dances.  I sing to him and he hums and mumbles in a singing voice along with me.  It's so fun and adorable!
  4. He is starting to learn that the dog toys are for the dog, not him.  He will go get it and bring it to Tressel.  He's already learning to share!  Melts my heart!
  5. Speaking of sharing, he's now to the age of handing you some of the food he's eating so you can eat it.  He thinks it's hilarious if you eat it.  You just need to work up the courage to stomach the half eaten cracker or soggy with slobber cheerio. 
  6. He can totally give out hugs!  Talk about making my heart burst in my chest....he will hold his hands out wide and dive in.  He hugs his stuffed animals too (and calls them all "babies").
  7. If he gets so excited at something, he will crawl so fast in any direction with his head down and make gleeful sounds.  It's so funny until he runs into the wall or furniture from not looking where he's going.
  8. So it's one of those things your parents probably did to you and now we do it with our son.  "How big is William?  SO BIG!!!"  And he stretches both arms up in the air to show that he, is indeed, so big.  hehe
  9. We have a bedtime routine and one of the tasks involves brushing his teeth.  We walk into the bathroom and he knows what this means.  He smiles really big to show me his teeth so we can brush them.  It's one of my favorite things we do at night.  Always makes us both laugh.
  10. He's really getting into playing with books.  It seems that he's obsessed with the covers because whenever we read a story, he likes to flip back and forth from the page we are on to the cover.  He's slowly getting better and we can almost get thru all the pages of a book! 
Hugs for bear....

OK, so the game in this picture is something I like to call take-all-the-books-

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