Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(not so wordless) Wordless Wednesday - Lesson in Sharing

William likes toys.

Pretty sure that since his first birthday, William believes all toys belong to him.

The dog has a whole collection of only two, yes two, toys/chew things.

William naturally gravitates to exactly those two toys.  Not the Elmo guitar.  Not the magical singing train.  Not the large number of Caterpillar trucks.  Exactly the two disgusting, dog chewed, slobber-covered toys.

The dog doesn't mess with William's toys.  He just asks that he gets to chew in peace.

William learned an important lesson in sharing when the dog (rightfully) took his toy back.

Dear Molars...

Dear Molars,
We need to talk.  I know you think you are so special with your ability to chew bacon and taffy and steak, but let me tell you, we could probably get by just fine with just our incisors.  Maybe if you came with some sort of rewards or incentive plan - like cash or toys, you would be more fun and we would be more motivated to deal with you.  All we get from you is a ridiculous amount of drool and a screaming, fussy baby.  If you ever been a parent before, molars, you would know that that's not fun AT ALL.  My son is clearly in pain and my mama bear instinct tells me that I must defend my poor, innocent little one.  Maybe if you took after the people who invented the best way to rip off a band aid, you would be better - just make it quick and put my poor son out of his misery.  Is that too much to ask?

Stephanie aka William's mom

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


It's been a long time coming but William is finally done nursing.  Our breastfeeding journey together has ended in part due to lack of interest anymore and (mostly) because of my lack of supply.  I am so happy to have made it to a year.  Although I understand the difficulties so many face, William was a master nurser from the beginning.  We both learned quickly and had minimal hurdles at the beginning.  Definite supply issues from the start and a few bouts of mastitis couldn't stop us from moving on.  I made it through pumping at work and have actually never spent a night away from lil' man (I think this calls for a vacation, right?). 

Over the past few weeks, William has been a little (ok, a lot) less interested.  We were finally down to morning and night feedings (wohoo to no more pumping at work!).  Then we were down to just mornings.  Then, one morning, he just decided he was finished. 

I know it was the right time for us and I'm happy to have made it this long.  I'm sure he doesn't notice much of a difference and doesn't notice the transition.  So why am I sad?  I have mixed feelings of sadness and relief.  Although it's nice to not have to worry about where I'll be and timing feedings and worrying about supply and dealing with mastitis or teething, it breaks my heart to lose some of those cuddles and bonding we shared.  It also reminds me that he's growing up... [sigh]....

Monday, November 28, 2011

I have a 381 day old...

On the 12th of this month, I became a mother of a one year old.  Well, I've been his mother for the 364 days leading up to it, but you know what I mean.  My lil' man is one.  He's no longer a baby, he's officially a toddler.  He's a talking (oh yes, like with actual words!), crawling (walking would be too much work), curious, playing trouble maker.  He brings so much joy to my life it kinda makes my heart skip a beat. 

I feel like my mother when I say, it just went by so fast.  Birth [blink] first tooth [blink] standing [blink] first birthday.  Phases have come and gone and each one gets more and more fun and exciting.  I thought nothing could get better than the cuddly newborn stage, but then he started rolling and playing on the floor.  Then I thought, alright nothing can get better than THIS stage, this is so much fun.  Then he started crawling.  You get the idea.  Each new phase brings so much excitement and fun and pride and love that continues to grow. 

I'm happy in the place the hubby and I have gotten to as well.  I'm sure our 1st year parental survival trophy must have just gotten lost in the mail.  We have successfully made it one year with hopefully minimal harm to our child and each other!  I would go as far to say we have done pretty darn good so far.  Bonus points? 

Happy (late) birthday to my lil' man....Mommy loves you more than you will ever know....

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - I can make him laugh

[ not entirely wordless...]

You are so so tired.  Make sure you do not smile or laugh....make sure of it...

OK, even if you decide to look less sleepy, make sure to not smile.

Oooo, mom's funny face and noise gets you everytime.  If you must smirk, make sure it doesn't go any further than that. let that smile slip.  No giggling though.  Absolutely NO giggling.

Oh, man.  Mom gets you everytime!

This boy makes my heart melt.  I can always make him laugh unlike anyone else.  I may not be able to do too much but I can do that and I feel pretty good about that.


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