Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - I can make him laugh

[ not entirely wordless...]

You are so so tired.  Make sure you do not smile or laugh....make sure of it...

OK, even if you decide to look less sleepy, make sure to not smile.

Oooo, mom's funny face and noise gets you everytime.  If you must smirk, make sure it doesn't go any further than that. let that smile slip.  No giggling though.  Absolutely NO giggling.

Oh, man.  Mom gets you everytime!

This boy makes my heart melt.  I can always make him laugh unlike anyone else.  I may not be able to do too much but I can do that and I feel pretty good about that.


PhaseThreeOfLife said...

AWWWW! Totally melted my heart.

yourcamerafriend :) said...

You guys are so cute!


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