Monday, January 16, 2012

When is the time right?

So lately the hubby and I have been asking ourselves the "when is it time for another one" question.  My husband's answer varies greatly from mine at this time (and for the past year).  His answer is "now, please."  Mine is more like "whoa whoa whoa, at least buy me dinner...." 

One of my reasons is that I feel like I have just gotten my body back or reclaimed or whatever you want to call it.  Although I was so sad to be done with nursing, at the same time it was such a relief to not worry about pumping or nursing on schedule.  Also, William is at such an amazing stage right now!  He goes to bed at 8 without a fuss.  He sleeps 10-13 hours a night.  We don't really have to worry about packing him special food when we go out since he eats just about anything.  He is so much fun to play with.  He wants to play with his toys.  He wants to toss a ball.  He wants to wrestle.  He wants to dance and listen to music.  He snuggles when I rock with him before bed.  He will drop a toy to come give me a hug.  It's pretty much amazing.  Then there's the question I hear a lot of first time parents ask themselves - "How could we possibly love another child more than we do now?"  I'm not too worried about that last one because I realize we could and would.  But I still can't prevent it from entering my mind.

Then there's "logistical" discussions.  Adam finishes school in about December of 2013 - do we wait until after that?  My sister gets married in June 2013 - do we plan around that?  What time of the year do we want our next kid?  Can we afford another one?  Is our house ready for a second little one?  Are WE really ready for another one?

Then I stop and wonder if perhaps I'm over thinking it all.  Other times my heart about bursts thinking about the possibility of feeling a baby kick or having a chance at a VBAC or introducing William to his little brother or sister or nursing another little one.  There are other times when I wonder if we should just throw our hands up and let things happen like they are supposed to happen....

[No, Mom...this does not mean we are trying to conceive your second grandchild....we are just simple talking.  hehe]

Friday, January 13, 2012

Triathlon Training Begins

In 2010, before getting pregnant, I had started training for a triathlon sprint with my husband and his friend.  I was working out about five and six days a week and was feeling great.  Then I got pregnant and didn't want to hardly breath for fear of doing something wrong or hurting myself or the baby.  Since I wasn't much into excerising before getting pregnant, I decided to cool it on the training and skip the triathlon.  I watched my husband and his friend complete two triathlons that summer and I was disappointed that I hadn't had a chance to do the same. 

Last year, I was hoping to train and finish one but having a newborn and exclusively nursing and no set routine and working fulltime, it made it a teensy bit tricky to get to the gym once a week much less five days a week. 

This year, I'm determined.  I WILL complete a triathlon if I have to crawl to the end.  To ensure I will be prepared, I have already started a beginners training schedule and I hope to complete my first sprint at the end of April.  There are a few others I'm looking at and hopefully I will have a chance to do at least one or two more after that this summer.  If it means I have to {gasp} get out of bed early before work to make it to the gym or I have to make it a habit to head there right after putting William to bed after the hubby gets home, I will make it work. 

Let the training begin...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Baby's 1st Haircut

It was get rid of baby mullet...

Nothing an orange sucker can't help with...

"Who is that?  Who cares...this is delicious!"

"Yup, I'm a stud."

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Recap

I realize I'm like two weeks late for a Christmas update, but I still wanted to get some notes and pictures down before it's Christmas again.

Since we have families that live over five hours apart, with families that both celebrate the big holiday on Christmas Eve, the hubby and I have compromised that we do every other year at eachother's families.  This year was our year to be with my family in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We got there on the 23rd and since I (and my sister and brother) haven't changed since I was a little kid, I wanted to open presents.  The opening not being nearly as fun as the giving as I've gotten older.  So we went to town with our family gift exchange before bed!  Christmas Eve was spent with my mom's side of the family - family, lots of kiddies, a fun gift exchange, tons of great food and good times.  It is, without a doubt, my favorite day of the entire year.  It always has been.  Christmas morning, it was fun to watch Wiliam open presents from Santa!  We stayed another few days before heading back to Illinois, and it was wonderful - some wedding planning for my sister, a trip to the Cincinnati museum center with Adam, overall relaxing. 

Hope everyone also had wonderful holidays and happy new year!!

Hanging with Grandpa

The newly engaged couple

"It's's a....A BOX!!"

First music lesson with Uncle Jordan

"Santa? You still coming tonight?" 

Hurry, snap the shot with Auntie Mel before meltdown...

Christmas morning snuggles with mom

"Merry Christmas!!"

Hugs for Grandma

Sunday, January 8, 2012

My son's vocabulary

So I'm trying not to be offended by my son's growing vocabulary, but it is getting more and more difficult.  My son will tell you hi if you pass him in the supermarket.  My son will point out any children by saying "baby".  He has known "dada" for quite some time.  Some newer ones are "uh oh", "pees" (I'm guessing is please?) and something that sounds exactly like shit that we can't figure out what he means.

Every time he speaks, it is a reminder that he is a toddler that is continuing to grow and I'm so proud.  At the same time, it's kinda hard to not notice that he still hasn't said the name of the person who birthed him - his mama.  Maybe it wouldn't be as big of a deal if his beginner "dada" hadn't evolved into straight up "dad".  The garage door will open and Adam will walk in and it's "DAD!"  I get him up from his nap and we walk downstairs and it's "Hi, Dad!"  That little shithead cute frickin' brat still hasn't said mama.  What up with that? 

The rest of the time, he pretty much talks like the Ewoks from Star Wars but I'm pretty sure if he starts speaking in complete sentences before that word comes out of his cute mouth, I might have to make him get a job...just saying. 

"What can I say?  I love my dad!"


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