Friday, January 13, 2012

Triathlon Training Begins

In 2010, before getting pregnant, I had started training for a triathlon sprint with my husband and his friend.  I was working out about five and six days a week and was feeling great.  Then I got pregnant and didn't want to hardly breath for fear of doing something wrong or hurting myself or the baby.  Since I wasn't much into excerising before getting pregnant, I decided to cool it on the training and skip the triathlon.  I watched my husband and his friend complete two triathlons that summer and I was disappointed that I hadn't had a chance to do the same. 

Last year, I was hoping to train and finish one but having a newborn and exclusively nursing and no set routine and working fulltime, it made it a teensy bit tricky to get to the gym once a week much less five days a week. 

This year, I'm determined.  I WILL complete a triathlon if I have to crawl to the end.  To ensure I will be prepared, I have already started a beginners training schedule and I hope to complete my first sprint at the end of April.  There are a few others I'm looking at and hopefully I will have a chance to do at least one or two more after that this summer.  If it means I have to {gasp} get out of bed early before work to make it to the gym or I have to make it a habit to head there right after putting William to bed after the hubby gets home, I will make it work. 

Let the training begin...


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