Sunday, December 26, 2010

William's Smiling!

Just like babies do, William has been smiling since he was born, just as a reflex.  He's finally smiling for real, at six weeks!!  It just brings joy to my heart!  I'm in love with this little guy!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Visit with Santa!

This may be one of the few years that William will not remember Christmas at all.  But a gal still has to have pictures of her baby boy visiting Santa, right?! 

Cloth Diaper problem

So we haven't been using cloth diapers at all really (only a few days total).  William has had a nasty diaper rash and we have been working to clear it up.  We are only using cloth wipes and creams to clear it up.  It's looking so much better, but until we can have it fully cleared up, we are in disposables to be able to use the creams. 

For any CDing moms out there, any suggestions for handling diaper rash with cloth?  Do you just switch to disposables?  Any recommendations for CD friendly ointments or creams?  Once we do switch over to cloth, any suggestions on preventing diaper rash??  Thanks!!

My little guy is 6 weeks already!!!

I can not believe you are already six weeks old!  The time is flying and you are growing and changing right before our very eyes!!  I love you more and more each day.  When people told me how much I would love you (before you were born), I was so excited to meet you and to see you grow and to love you.  Now that you are here, I finallly understand the words of the those people - I love you in a way that I haven't felt before.  Every smile or funny face or sound that you make makes my heart burst with joy and I can't help but smile.  You are a miracle created from the love of your daddy and me and we both have fallen in love with you together.  In just over a month, we have seen all your changes and we look forward to watching you continue to change and grow.  In the last six weeks, these are just a few of the things that you have been up to!
  • You are able to hold you head up for extended periods!  You are so strong!!
  • You already love your baths
  • We are thinking your hair might be a little red (like your Uncle Jordan and Grandpa V) instead of blond
  • Your eyes have gotten much lighter blue since when you were born
  • You make so many noises, like grunting, especially when you eat.  It's so funny!
  • You are able to focus on people's faces
  • You definitely recognize mommy's voice
  • You like to sleep with your hands in front of your face - just like when I was pregnant with you and we saw the same thing during all of the sonograms!!
  • You love being held and love to cuddle
  • You kind of like your pacifier but are just fine without it
  • You do not like being hot
  • You don't mind noise around the house - cars outside, vacuum, Tressel barking, sleep thru it all!
  • You LOVE it when daddy wraps you up in a towel after your bath and cuddles with you [It's daddy's favorite part of the day]
  • If you have a clean diaper and are fed, you are pretty much a happy baby!!!

Catching up

So for about the last 6 weeks, I have been floating on a cloud and enjoying my little man and trying to soak up every second I have off work to be with him.  In a little over a week, my bubble will pop and I will have to re-enter the "real" world and go back to work and say goodbye during the day to my little man.  I have not been hooked to a computer like I normally am to update my blog because I can't seem to pry myself away from William long enough to even check up on facebook or the blogs I follow or to my email.  He's too dang cute and cuddly!!

I still have so much to write about!  My little man is now 6 weeks old - how did that time fly so quickly!

Get ready for lots and lots of entries!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A good day....

So yesterday was my birthday - turned 28!

It was a good day.  William woke up for one of his feedings around 3:00 am and was very content starting his day and being wide awake!  We went downstairs to walk around and to allow mommy to relax in the living room chair and watch a little TV.  I found a bouquet of flowers with a 'Happy Birthday' balloon in them.  And THAT is how I started my day!  :)

My hubby came downstairs around 5:30am - William was just starting to fall asleep.  I thanked him for my flowers and he got out the most magical blueberry muffin (that was iced and pretty much as delicious as a cupcake!) for my birthday breakfast....a little earlier than I normally like to celebrate my birthday. HA!  Adam gave me a present and then took the NOW sleeping lil' man and let mommy go back to bed.

It was a good day.  Spent most of it with my men, did a little Christmas shopping, treated myself to lunch, got a visit from my in-laws in the evening (they visited with a Baskin Robins cake roll.....yummy!!).  It was a great day.

Another year older...
An extra man in my life...
So blessed and lucky in so many ways...
Couldn't be happier :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finally!! Cloth Diapers!!

The day has finally come to start cloth diapers!  We have known for many months that we wanted to do cloth diapers and I have spent many months researching and asking around about CDing. 

I have made several orders to start a stash that we can start with:
  • 6 Flip Covers and Stay Dry Inserts
  • 5 Rumparooz (2 with hook and loop closure and 3 with snaps)
  • 1 bumGenius 4.0 pocket
  • 1 Fuzzibunz pocket
  • 1 bumGenius elemental AIO
To save money, we decided to go with all one-size diapers and we have been waiting a few weeks since lil' man was born for his cord to fall off and for him to "fill in" a little to start growing into the one-size diapers.  We have also been trying to clear up some diaper rash with some cream and needed to wait for it clear up.

I have two Planetwise wet bags on hand and plan to use Rockin' Green detergent.  We bought several packs of thinner baby washcloths to use for wipes with a water solution (with a little baby oil and baby soap) to use to wet them. 

So today was the day - we finally put lil' man's first CD on, one of the RaRs first!  It actually didn't fit too bad.  We haven't had him weighed since his 2 week appointment with the doctor and he was almost back to birth weight of 9 lbs.  It wasn't even necessary to have the rise  or waist on the smallest setting.  It was just a little bulk under his clothes, but no biggie!

I know that we will be tweaking what we like or what we use.  But we have started!!  Wohoo!!  [Is it still sad that I'm so excited for something my child is going to poop and pee in??  haha]

Napping with Daddy

My heart skips a beat for both of my "men"!  I love them both so so much!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Three Weeks Later

Time is already flying!  I can't believe it has already been three weeks!  How can that be?

Liam is already growing so fast.  His cheeks are getting chubby, his hands aren't newborn baby hands anymore, he's already starting to barely fit in his 0-3 months clothes! 

I'm just trying to cherish each day and remember right "now".  [especially before I have to go back to work :-( ]

Swaddling it is....

I'm a mother of a newborn - who just turned three weeks expectations for sleep are very low.

Even with that said, SOME sleep would be nice, right?  I will always feed lil' man before I head to bed, it usually ends up being between 9 and 11 pm when he gets hungry.  After said feeding, he is more awake than any other time of the day - go figure.  He wants to be held and look around and move his arms and legs.  Adam has been staying up with him during these times, until he falls asleep or wants to eat again.  He's had been eating every 2 hours or so, even at night.  This equals a tired mommy.....

Until I decided to try swaddling again at night.  Thanks heavens!!

The past two nights have been glorious!!!  Sleeping much better and going about four (even five!) hours between feedings!  Mommy is a happy camper!


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