Saturday, December 4, 2010

Swaddling it is....

I'm a mother of a newborn - who just turned three weeks expectations for sleep are very low.

Even with that said, SOME sleep would be nice, right?  I will always feed lil' man before I head to bed, it usually ends up being between 9 and 11 pm when he gets hungry.  After said feeding, he is more awake than any other time of the day - go figure.  He wants to be held and look around and move his arms and legs.  Adam has been staying up with him during these times, until he falls asleep or wants to eat again.  He's had been eating every 2 hours or so, even at night.  This equals a tired mommy.....

Until I decided to try swaddling again at night.  Thanks heavens!!

The past two nights have been glorious!!!  Sleeping much better and going about four (even five!) hours between feedings!  Mommy is a happy camper!

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