Friday, December 24, 2010

My little guy is 6 weeks already!!!

I can not believe you are already six weeks old!  The time is flying and you are growing and changing right before our very eyes!!  I love you more and more each day.  When people told me how much I would love you (before you were born), I was so excited to meet you and to see you grow and to love you.  Now that you are here, I finallly understand the words of the those people - I love you in a way that I haven't felt before.  Every smile or funny face or sound that you make makes my heart burst with joy and I can't help but smile.  You are a miracle created from the love of your daddy and me and we both have fallen in love with you together.  In just over a month, we have seen all your changes and we look forward to watching you continue to change and grow.  In the last six weeks, these are just a few of the things that you have been up to!
  • You are able to hold you head up for extended periods!  You are so strong!!
  • You already love your baths
  • We are thinking your hair might be a little red (like your Uncle Jordan and Grandpa V) instead of blond
  • Your eyes have gotten much lighter blue since when you were born
  • You make so many noises, like grunting, especially when you eat.  It's so funny!
  • You are able to focus on people's faces
  • You definitely recognize mommy's voice
  • You like to sleep with your hands in front of your face - just like when I was pregnant with you and we saw the same thing during all of the sonograms!!
  • You love being held and love to cuddle
  • You kind of like your pacifier but are just fine without it
  • You do not like being hot
  • You don't mind noise around the house - cars outside, vacuum, Tressel barking, sleep thru it all!
  • You LOVE it when daddy wraps you up in a towel after your bath and cuddles with you [It's daddy's favorite part of the day]
  • If you have a clean diaper and are fed, you are pretty much a happy baby!!!

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