Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finally!! Cloth Diapers!!

The day has finally come to start cloth diapers!  We have known for many months that we wanted to do cloth diapers and I have spent many months researching and asking around about CDing. 

I have made several orders to start a stash that we can start with:
  • 6 Flip Covers and Stay Dry Inserts
  • 5 Rumparooz (2 with hook and loop closure and 3 with snaps)
  • 1 bumGenius 4.0 pocket
  • 1 Fuzzibunz pocket
  • 1 bumGenius elemental AIO
To save money, we decided to go with all one-size diapers and we have been waiting a few weeks since lil' man was born for his cord to fall off and for him to "fill in" a little to start growing into the one-size diapers.  We have also been trying to clear up some diaper rash with some cream and needed to wait for it clear up.

I have two Planetwise wet bags on hand and plan to use Rockin' Green detergent.  We bought several packs of thinner baby washcloths to use for wipes with a water solution (with a little baby oil and baby soap) to use to wet them. 

So today was the day - we finally put lil' man's first CD on, one of the RaRs first!  It actually didn't fit too bad.  We haven't had him weighed since his 2 week appointment with the doctor and he was almost back to birth weight of 9 lbs.  It wasn't even necessary to have the rise  or waist on the smallest setting.  It was just a little bulk under his clothes, but no biggie!

I know that we will be tweaking what we like or what we use.  But we have started!!  Wohoo!!  [Is it still sad that I'm so excited for something my child is going to poop and pee in??  haha]


Emily said...

Oh fun! I love baby fluff! He is too cute!

Natalie said...

Yay for cloth diapers! How's it going so far???


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