Monday, November 29, 2010

Loving on Liam...

So I realize I have not been keeping up with blogging much lately.  I guess it could be because I recently had a baby and haven't been able to pry my eyes away from the most beautiful thing I've ever seen - my little man.  hehe 

Even in less than three weeks, I've learned so much and he's already changing before our eyes.  He is so strong already and is picking his head up.  He loves to sleep with his arms above his head with his mouth open (just like his mommy).  Although I can see hints of Adam and me in his face....I gotta say, he looks a lot like I did when I was a baby - and even more like my brother, his Uncle Jordan.  He definitely doesn't seem to mind when his big brother (our black lab dog) gets curious and sniffs him.  He absolutely looks great in Ohio State gear!

As first-time parents, less than three weeks in, Adam and I have learned quite a bit so far.  It's amazing how little sleep you can live off of.  ALWAYS cover a boy when changing his diaper to avoid a 'shower'.  The baby, although fragile, is not breakable like we started off treating him (we could barely change his diaper or get him dressed without being terrified! haha).  You can't have too many pictures (even if they practically look the same!  We have literally taken a thousand!  haha)  There is absolutely such a thing as love at first sight!!


Hungry Hippo said...

I love how in the last picture Tressel is using the Boppy! Liam sure is handsome!

Jaclyn said...

Did I spy the Christmas card in there??

caryl.mqt said...

Oh, what joy!


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