Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Growing a Human - 3rd Trimester

Being as I'm in the very late stages of the 3rd trimester - I might not be as kind towards this trimester, being as it is what is ailing me at this particular time.  It all starts off fine and dandy - rainbows and sunshine and glowing still lingering from the 2nd trimester.  Then it ends with your beautiful baby (which I am still eagerly awaiting!).  Anticipation is growing.....your belly is growing.....your rear end is probably growing....
  • If it wasn't obvious already, your belly clearly gives it away now - you are pregnant.  For me, people have been telling me I look like I'm "about to pop" since about 30 weeks.  Only slightly discouraging when I had to clarify that I wasn't due for over two more months.  HA!
  • If you are lucky enough that your stretch marks have held off until this trimester, there is a good chance they are appearing now.  Unless you are one of those women that doesn't get any...and if that's the case, then I don't wanna talk to you about it.  HA! 
  •  This is probably about the time for finishing up baby's room if you haven't already!  For me it was hanging pictures and decals, washing and putting away baby clothes, putting away his toys and books, playing all the wind-up toys that played lullabies and talking to William while doing it all!  Each day I'll peak my head in the door and imagine putting my baby boy to bed and rocking him to sleep and reading as a family in that room...can't wait!
  • Those HUGE maternity clothes that I contemplated taking back for a smaller size....yeah those....ummm, barely fitting anymore.  Unless showing off the bottom of my belly has somehow become appropriate.....
  • Umm....what ankles?  Swelling may strike at any point in this trimester and you may dream of the days that your feet and calves were completely separated by lovely, dainty ankles.  Those were the days - when your shoes fit and ankles were free to bend as usual without all the swelling....
  • Can you still bend at the waist?  Enjoy it while you can.  Soon enough you'll have a bowling ball growing from your belly and the days of picking things up off the floor, tying your shoes or being able to hug your significant other up close will be history.  HA!
  • Hello, discomfort.  Good-bye, sleep.  Until the later parts of the 3rd trimester, I figured the worst thing someone could say to a pregnant woman was something regarding how huge she was.  So wrong - the phrase "Get sleep while you still can" is actually the meanest thing.  Between having to pee 100 times in the middle of the night and the horrible leg pains, hip pains, pelvis pains, anxiety about the fact that you are about to be a parent....sleep isn't even something you look forward to anymore.  The thought that sleep once baby is born will be even less creates more anxiety, which causes less sleep....a vicious cycle!  hehe
  • You're sure that your bladder is now the size of a grape.  If it were bigger than that, you would not have to pee this many times a day.  You might notice you have to go until you stand and a 10 lb watermelon drops completely on the bladder and then it's "Get out of my way!!!  Bathroom needed now!"
  • Little baby kicks have now turned into big baby jumping jacks!  I am still in love with this!  I could just stare at my belly and watch William moving around in there.  That's my baby boy!!
As much as I can complain of the discomfort around this point and finally understanding the get-this-baby-out-of-me mentality that you commonly hear from super prego women, I know I will probably miss being pregnant.  I have been blessed with a very healthy pregnancy and will be meeting my son in less than days!  The amount of love and support extended by our family and friends has been absolutely amazing.  Knowing we have such an extended support system around us warms my heart.  William is coming....... 

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