Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Growing a Human - 2nd Trimester

Trying to think back, the 2nd trimester seems like a bit of a blur.  As "uneventful" as "growing a human" can be - it was the months spent "glowing" (as my husband would call it).  I had survived the 1st trimester and things were still healthy and smooth sailing!  I would have to call the 2nd trimester the "I'm feelin' good trimester" - morning sickness ended and I was still months away from the discomforts of the later parts of pregnancy.  Enjoy!!
  • Yay!!  I can finally stay up past 9 pm again!!  It was almost like a light switch that someone flipped and I started feeling better and the extreme exhaustion started to wear off.  I had survived!! [If you are not one of the fortunate ones that morning sickness fades after the 1st trimester....I am so sorry!!  HA!]
  • I started noticing a little belly.  It started as only noticeable to me under my clothes and then started to grow.  This is when it becomes the "in-between, awkward belly stage."  People will wonder "Is she pregnant or has she just starting to 'let go' a little after a year of marriage."  HA!
  • Anticipating all doctor appointments!!  In the early trimester, when I couldn't feel the baby moving yet, I would look forward to my OB appointments with great anticipation just to be able to hear that wonderful sound of the heartbeat!  Such a comforting feeling!
  • I must have gas.....or could it be?  Is that the baby moving in there?  I'm pretty sure I had been feeling baby's movements for weeks before I actually figured out that's what it was.  Everyone describes it as something different - I thought it felt like a very mild muscle twitch. 
  • Boy or Girl??  Not finding out wasn't an option!  I'm the kind of person that buys Christmas presents and can barely wait another 24 hours before wanting to hand them out because I get so excited!  When we found our little one was a boy, it was the beginning of what I would consider "bonding" with him.  That was our son in there, kicking and growing.  Our William! 
  • Eat fiber.....NOW!  Do not find out the hard way that your digestive system isn't the same as it was pre-pregnancy.  I don't think this needs any further explanation - eat your fiber.  hehe
Overall, the 2nd trimester wasn't all that "eventful."  I felt great and it was easy to sit back and enjoy being pregnant! 

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