Monday, November 1, 2010

Growing a Human - 1st Trimester

If I had to sum of the 1st trimester using only a few words:  tired, saltine crackers, disbelief.

Understanding that everyone has a very different experience while pregnant - here is my advice for surviving the first couple months.
  • You will probably be more tired than you've ever felt in your entire life....starting being okay with a 7:30pm bedtime.
  • If you are like most other women and suffer from morning sickness - start keeping a sleeve of saltine crackers on your nightstand.  Eat them....before you even lift your head in the morning and know you might need them before going to bed at night.  I never threw up, but had nausea from morning until night.  Although crackers helped - find the food or snack that settles your stomach!  I've heard anything from ginger ale, preggie pops or lemonheads.  For some strange reason, sour patch kids helped me - not sure if it was the sugar or sour taste....I ate lots!
  • Another morning sickness related one - Stop buying stinky food immediately!!  And have your hubby or SO or someone take the trash out...often!  Smelling just about anything was enough to send me running to the bathroom in dry heaves....too much info?  HA!  There were days I would come home from work and spend the evening in the far away from the fridge and garbage and pantry that I possibly could!
  • Have a 'puking action plan' - OK, this might seem a bit ridiculous.  Although I did not ever puke, I remember sitting in meetings at work (keep in mind I hadn't told anyone at work the news yet....) and trying to sit close to the garbage can and close to the door.  I had an elaborate game plan on exactly what I would do if the need to hurl came - grab the garbage can, run out of room, know where nearest restroom was, return to meeting and pretend like nothing happened......that should about do it, right??  HA!
  • Stock up on antacids.  I had heartburn start in the 1st trimester and along with the nausea - this wasn't cool.  [make sure too check with your doctor on what you should or should not take!]
  • OH!  No one told me and I had no idea that having to pee all the time starts in the 1st trimester!!  Who knew?  Until the baby grows big enough and you "pop" out of your pelvis, that's just more pressure on your bladder.  [and then it gets better after you "pop" and so much worse in the 3rd trimester!  HA!]
  • Let it sink in!  You are pregnant!  You have a tiny heart beating inside you!  Although you still might be starting everyday in complete disbelief....believe it!!!


Rachel said...

Def on the plan for vomit....I remember having to pull over on my way to work because I thought I was going to be sick and had nothing in the car I was going to have to lean out for the world to see. *blush*
Thanks for visiting my blog, now following you.

shanna said...

Hi. I am a new follower via blog hops! I would love for you to visit me @
Nice to "meet"you!


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