Saturday, November 20, 2010

William is HERE!!!!

My little sinker is finally here - William Edward ("Liam")!!

The little man had a mind of his own.  I was scheduled for a c-section (little man was breech) on Friday at 11:30am.  My alarm was set to go off at 7:30am to start getting ready and head in to get admitted.  However....a little after 7:00am, while laying in bed with the puppy, I felt a gush - my water broke!!  Adam was down stairs finishing up some homework so I called for my mom.  Whoa, buddy - this was real!  We called doctor and hospital and I went to hop in the shower and the contractions started - they were already 3-4 minutes apart and painful!  I figured since people usually are in labor for many hours, a shower and drying my hair wouldn't hurt and they would just move up my c-section. 

We got in the car to head to the hospital - Adam dropped me off at ER door and grabbed the camera.  They wheeled me upstairs to labor and delivery, a trip that felt like it might have lasted about 10 hours - contractions were now 2 minutes apart and it was less than an hour after my water broke.  I changed into a gown and a few nurses came in to start asking me questions and to get my IV going.  Another nurse came in to check my cervix.  She had a hard time telling because little man had dropped so far down.  She told me I was at least 8 cm dilated, but it felt like it was more like 10.  This was reported to the other nurses and people began to swarm - they needed to hurry!  My doctor and the anesthesiologist came in - they were worried they might not have enough time to give me the spinal before they had to deliver.  I begged and asked them to please, pretty please, try - I wanted to be awake for the birth!  The nurses were making a mad dash to finish up what they needed to do.  Adam went to change into scrubs.  They started wheeling me into delivery. 

Everyone worked so quickly that I was able to have my spinal and the procedure began.  There was a lot of tugging and Adam was sitting by my head holding my hand and rubbing my shoulder.  A few minutes later we heard the words from the doctor say the words we knew already - "It's a boy!"  The held him up for me as they send baby to the warmer - daddy followed.  After the first site of my baby boy and hearing his first cries, I started to sob!  I was bursting with love and happiness and relief that he was healthy and my wait was over.  He was here!

Born Friday, November 12, 2010 at 8:57 am
Weight - 8 lbs 15 oz
Length - 19.75 inches


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caryl.mqt said...

Love the photo of Liam "pulling down" his little cap, as if to block out the lights from all the papparazzi. Also love the photo of the "grandpa-razzi" behind the glass....:-)


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