Monday, March 5, 2012

Good thing he has a cute behind...

William is on the move.

I mean, like, constantly. 

People would say - "Watch out when he starts walking!" and I would think - "Umm...he does a pretty dang good job of being a non-stop mover getting into trouble now and he's crawling...I know what I'm doing, yo."

And now I wish to go back to my past self and slap her across the face because I should never assume I even had a clue.  Seriously.  And that makes me scared of what's to come. 

So moving on - I take a lot of pictures with my cell phone.  More pictures there than with my camera these days just because it's handy. 

Cell phone pictures plus toddler on the move all.the.time equals lots of pictures from behind (or fuzzy because who has time to stop a pose for a picture, mom...).  Here are some of the priceless gems recently. 

Mr. Independent at the pool last week.  Mom who?

OK, he's not moving in this picture, but that didn't last for long.  If I can't get one from the front, I have to sneak up behind him to catch one.  On another note, my kid is in love with American Idol and Glee and anything that has music.

Yeah...he's the cool kid with a box on his head and one pants leg up.  What of it?

He's too cool to sit and watch a basketball game, he'd rather dance in front of this audience that obviously was assembled just for him...

Exploring during a trip to the mall.  He spent about 25 minutes running circles around this magical, musical and talking vending machine. 

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