Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Lines!

I just saw the most shocking, unexpected, exciting, scary, happy thing of my entire life....two lines.

These weren't just any two lines...they were pink and on a very important test....I'm pregnant.

I've had paranoid fits before when I've thought I was pregnant and they prove to be just that - paranoid fits. Nothing more. I've taken home pregnancy tests before and always see one line and nothing more. I'm always thinking I'm dying of something, so I usually have that voice in the back of my head telling me that I'm crazy. Why did I decide to take a pregnancy test this morning?

My stomach hurt last week - just a little, kind of dull and uncomfortable. I mentioned it to my family March 5th, wondering what was wrong. Start of kidney stones? My normal stomach problems? Who knows. This week (3/9 - 3/12) I should start. After charting my NFP, I have been amazed at how regular my cycle was - exactly 28 days on the dot. I never paid too much attention to see how accurate and normal my body was. Today is day 30.

This weeks, I've had little cramps almost everyday. I knew I would be starting my period soon, so I'd buy a tampon, and then when I'd take it out....nothing.

I felt a wee bit emotional this week. I started a fight with Adam and let things get to me that I shouldn't have. I was mean to him and I love him. He's the man of my dreams. I didn't mean it and I wish I could take it back, but I couldn't hold back tears and my emotional crumble the other night.

Not sure if this a symptom or just my fatty-bo-batty emerging...I had a craving for ice cream last night so bad that I might have been willing to break the law to get some. Fatty-bo-batty talking??

Lastly, yesterday and a little this week, I've been tired. Maybe it's because I took a few days off working out? I could barely finish my workout class yesterday, I just felt lazy and tired (maybe just fatty-bo-batty here too?) I've been yawning at work all day long - that never happens!

That led me to this morning. I took the test, to ease my paranoia, except....the results were different than expected! I rubbed my eyes again - I had to have read it wrong. Adam was sleeping and I ran into the bedroom. "Adam, wake up, please" I said calmly. He was groggy and I could tell he didn't want to wake up. "I have a bit of an emergency, please!" He didn't want to open his eyes. "I just took the test and there are two lines!! You need to look!!" My hands were shaking and he couldn't believe the news he was hearing as he was coming out of his sleep.

He got the video camera and took a video of us to remember what just happened. I was still shaking. I still had to go to work!!

I had to call someone to tell them....I called Jaclyn. She'd keep my secret and I could tell her anything. Voicemail....shoot!

On the way to work, I bought another test at the store...and a lot of water to drink. In the bathroom at work, I received another positive - two lines again in the shape of a plus sign this time from another brand. I called Adam again!!

I called the doctor's office and told them I was pregnant and didn't know what I needed to do next - I scheduled an appointment in another 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS!? How am I supposed to keep this secret for another 2 weeks at least!? This will be the hardest thing ever. Can't wait for lunch with Adam to talk more about what has happened in only a few hours this morning that will be sure to change our life forever....

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