Friday, October 14, 2011

Cloth Diaper Love....still...

While tackling some in-the-diaper issues, we used disposables for a few weeks - so we could use Vaseline and some rash cream.  It's so easy to become used to the convenience of disposables after using them for an extended period of time.  You won't get much of an argument from me - they are super easy.  But then I remember why I'm doing cloth diapers.  None of the same chemicals, none of the same waste and they are so dang cute!

So while lil' man was in 'sposies, I took the opportunity to strip them - they had started repelling and we definitely had a case of the stinkies.  I've done an overnight soak before and it helped some, but I figured I would take the time for some serious stripping action.  I boiled all the inserts and then did a soak (inserts plus pockets) for about an hour in the tub in Rockin' Green, with some added boiling water since our water heater isn't set very high.  After the soak, I did a normal wash and line dried them.  Not only do they not smell AT ALL but they are SO white!!  It's like having brand new diapers.  My love has been renewed and we are back on the CD wagon.  :)

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JayZ said...

I'm going to do a major strip and soak with all my diapers soon and I was wondering how much Rockin' Green you used for the soak? I've boiled my inserts before but I think they need it again with an overnight soak with the pockets. I normally use soap nuts but I've heard Rockin' Green is good for a soak.

Glad you are still feeling the cloth diaper love! I still love mine 16 months later. And I converted one Mom and she loves them too!


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