Monday, October 10, 2011

Dinner Time

Dinner time sure has changed in the last year. 

Pre-baby, dinners would be just Adam and me on our stools at the kitchen counter (or let's be serious, in front of the TV).  Nothing too fancy - sit and chat about our days, clean up, relax.  Pregnancy dinners were most likely spent in front of the TV while I balanced my plate on my belly - my patience and back hurt too much to try to sit at the counter.  William was born and eating was around his schedule.  I would try to feed him first, then inhale whatever was for dinner and then go tend to him.  Then we started putting him in the bouncer seat on the counter in between us to talk about our day and to just admire how cute he was.  Then William was big enough for the high chair!  We would pull him up in line with us at the counter (we seriously do have a kitchen table....) and I would take quick bites while feeding him whatever puree I picked out for the day for him.  Every once in awhile, we would give him some Cheerios or some teeny tiny pieces of fruit.  At this point, even those didn't slow him down. 

Now I'm trying to let him feed himself.  Dinners have now gone from about 20 minute sprints to about hour long food play marathons.  It's a good lesson in patience for me while I practice not just saying "Never mind, let me do it."  We sit and he slowly brings one teeny piece of green bean or turkey to his mouth at a time.  It's a miracle if at least half of the food makes it into his mouth.  Mommy is always there to help him, but it's pretty entertaining to just watch him try himself. 

Also - not sure if it's WAY too early to tell, but he is mostly preferring to use his left hand when he does everything.  Can you tell this early if they will be right or left-handed?

You would eat slow too if your fingers were this small and all the adults gave you was a spoon!


Tenacious V said...

I loved watching my little guy learn to feed himself and explore food. Glad you're enjoying it, too, even if it is patience-trying. And I will say that Emmett, at 20 months, is pretty left-handed. He had shown a preference for it from the beginning. Baby books say you can't tell this early, and if they favor one hand you should ask your doctor, but my pedi said E is fine and is probably just going to be as left-handed as I am!

Jaclyn said...

HA! Look at that concentration!

Ashley said...

my son is 2 and he uses both left and right pretty much about the same. I've heard that hand dominance doesn't set in until 3 or 4.


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