Monday, May 23, 2011

Cloth Diapers - trial and error

I would go ahead and say that using cloth diapers (heck, disposable diapers for that matter) is definitely a trial and error process to figure out what works. It might take a little time to figure out what brand you like, how to stuff them, how to put them on correctly, snaps or hook and loop, size settings, any number of options to figure out.  I have been using cloth diapers on lil' man for nearly six months and we've learned quite a bit. 

Lately, we have been having leaking issues.  It didn't seem to matter what brand of diaper or when it happened.  It just kept happening.  We stripped the diapers by doing a few hot washes without any detergent.  This didn't help.  I was double stuffing the pockets at night and for the morning nap - no luck.  What the heck?!  I was getting sick and tired of changing pee clothes multiple times a day!

So since I felt I had tried several options, I figured I would try another.  This might be something that is in some cloth diapering manual somewhere out there and everyone already knows this, but I just figured it out.  Previously, when I was stuffing the pockets I folded the excess material and put it in the front of the diaper.  I figured since I had heavy-wetting boy, we could use all the extra absorbency up front.  So I changed it up - I put the excess material in the back.  No more leaks!! 

OK, I'm officially confused because this seems completely counter intuitive.  I'm not going to question it too much since it's working.  No more pee clothes - mommy is a happy lady!

Has anyone else found this to help?  What other cloth diapering lessons have you learned through trial and error?


Ashley said...

Very interesting! We are having leak issues at night recently so I'll have to try this. Thanks!

JayZ said...

I have always done it that way but I also thought with boys that you put the extra up front. Hmm, interesting. I had leak issues at nap time and started adding a hemp more leaks! My hubby is having trouble with the snap diapers lately so I gave him a little tutorial yesterday :-)


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