Friday, May 27, 2011

William Eats - Peas

I have a list of four foods that are on my personal "will not eat food" list.  That list consists of mushrooms, salmon, broccoli and......peas.  I hate peas.  I've hated peas my entire life.  Since I was such a picky eater growing up (much less so now) I am determined to do what I can to let my children try lots of food and hopefully like more than I did.  Easier said than done.  Over the weekend was another new food that I introduced to William - peas.  I used frozen peas - steamed, pureed, froze in ice cube tray.  Easy.  The last picture below is really all I need to show you how well he liked it.  No words necessary.

I didn't completely understand why William DID NOT like sweet potatoes.  He liked avocado and bananas - makes sense.  I absolutely get why he doesn't like peas.  They are horrible!  I figured I would give it a try but I think I'll be just fine if peas aren't a food we bring into our house.  hehe

Any foods you hate but you give your children?


JayZ said...

I HATE peas too! But like you, I didn't want to put my food dislikes on Joslyn so I made her some...and she liked them! She really likes spinach and peas together. I made a big batch last night with frozen peas and frozen spinach.

Jaclyn said...

Wow. Hello, exorcism. That looks gawd awful. Poor kid. On another note ... I SEE YOUR FACE SOON. <3 <3 <3


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