Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Favorite Things - 6 months

When William was three months, I made a list of my favorite baby-related things that you can find here.  Three more months have gone by and that list has already drastically changed as far as how William is developing.  So I figured I'd update with my 'new' favorite things at six months.  Some of them are repeats from three months because I still love them and it didn't feel right leaving it off!
  1. ERGObaby carrier - Umm....yes, please!  I mentioned last time that I loved my Moby (still do), but as William started to grow, it wasn't as comfortable and the material started to sag (yes, he's a big boy).  At the recommendation of...well, everyone, I got the grey Performance ERGO and I absolutely LOVE IT!  It is so easy to use and absolutely comfortable whether I'm wearing lil' man on my front or back.  Hubby loves it too and probably uses it more than me!  MUST HAVE!
  2. Jumperoo - I'm pretty much convinced that this thing was invented by a genius.  I'm guessing while Einstein was messing with all that relativity mumbo jumbo, he was drawing up plans for this magical invention.  This gives lil' man absolute JOY!  You can hear him squealing in excitement every time he's in this thing.  We can use it to wear him out so he sleeps better and I know it has to be working out those legs muscles.
  3. Boppy - Even though it's much easier to nurse lil' man now that he's gotten bigger, I still love it and use it every day!
  4. B Snug Bugs - William is only six months old, it doesn't take much to entertain him.  He would be content rolling around on the floor and playing with a fork and rocks (let me clarify, I do not actually allow my son to play with forks and/or rocks).  However, he absolutely LOVES these bugs!  They are the perfect size for him to hold or chew on and he will crawl around the whole living room chasing after them.  Seriously...LOVES them.
  5. Flip cloth diapers - Rumparooz were my favorite diaper previously, however they run super small and William is about to outgrow them.  That makes me sad.  Flips are slowly becoming my new favorite!
  6. California Baby Calming Diaper Rash Cream - Still love it!
  7. Video monitor - Since William is sleeping in his crib, this is nice to have.  When we were deciding what to register for, we both thought it would be unnecessary to get a video monitor...until we saw it.  Just a nice piece of added comfort when lil' man is now fifteen feet away instead of just two.  hehe
  8. Beaba Babycook - I've only used it once, but I have a feeling it is going to come in so handy.  I already know that is makes making baby food super easy!
Again I say, all of these things are nice to have.  William is happy enough just laying on the floor with his mommy and daddy without any fancy gadgets to keep him entertained so far.  That time is kind of amazing. 


JayZ said...

I heart the Jumperoo! It's a parent's best friend, lol. Jos is 11 months now and still goes in it in the mornings while we're getting ready. Love my Flips too! I would get more but I like to give daycare pockets. I should give her a Flip and see if she finds it difficult to use. If I put the prefold/Flip insert in beforehand, I don't see why it would be difficult for her. I would have all prefolds or flats and covers if Jos stayed home with me.

Can you make a lot of baby food in the Baeba? I debated getting it but it didn't seem like you could make big batches in it, which I like to do since I make all her food on the weekends.

Stephanie said...

JayZ - I was going to respond, but didn't see an email address. For the Beaba, I have only made the sweet potatoes in it so far. One large sweet potato fit and it ended up filling an ice cube tray. I figured that's probably a good amount to store of each food. It's entirely unnecessary - nothing you can't do with a steamer and food processor, but makes it so handy that you aren't washing so many pieces.

Also, I happened to look at your picture blog! Love those pictures and what a great idea!


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