Tuesday, May 3, 2011

William is eating!

I feel like my mother when I say, "My little baby is growing up so fast."  But seriously...he's growing up so fast.  So yes, I do realize I've become a mommy cliche.  What of it??

William is quickly approaching six months and we have decided to start him on food.  He still loves his mommy's milk, but it seems like he could be interested in something more - sounds familiar, I get it.  We started him on organic rice cereal Friday evening and I think we'll plan to try a new food each weekend (yes...because I'm selfish and want to be able to make it and be there when he tries it hehe).

Verdict on cereal?  He loves it.  Lately he has had this funky discovery of his tongue going on and at first he was content holding the cereal on his tongue and sticking it out.  Then he realized he liked it and was fussing for more.  He's my son for sure and loves food already. 

We will be making our own baby food and we still aren't sure what we will try this weekend - I think we'll see what is fresh in the store.  We don't generally use organic, but I think we are going to buy organic for the dirty dozen.  

Stay tuned....

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JayZ said...

I tried sweet potatoes first and my daughter loved them! Super easy to make too, just bake them for like 45 minutes until soft, scoop out of the skin and mash up with some breastmilk or water.
I wrote a blog post on making baby food if you're interested :-)

And wholesomebabyfood.com is a great resource!


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