Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Dreaded Teething....

Everyone knows it happens - the drool, the crying, the teething rings, infant Tylenol.  All being the tell-tale signs of teething.  It's a new phase of motherhood.  A phase I lovingly have begun to call salt-water-taffy-nipples. 

Recently, during a trip to visit my parents, my mother watched lil' man and commented on how rough he was while taking a bottle - practically chewing on the bottle nipple.  She made a remark about how swollen his gums were and how much that would hurt me.  Umm...yuh-huh....I'm aware. 

I love nursing.  I have exclusively been breastfeeding lil' man since he was born.  It's been amazing.  When I was pregnant I knew teething would come, however I was just considering the long nights of crying....not nipples that become chewing gum for my adorable baby.  Who knew it was possible for nipples to stretch that far?  Yeah....not cool.

I have made it this long nursing;  I am determined to stick this out.  I've made it through all the long nights at the beginning.  I've made it through a bout of mastitis.  I've made it while working full-time, pumping twice (or more) a day.  I've made it through the stage of being soaked in milk in public.  I've given up caffeine and nuts (upset lil' man).  With the exception of a few times, I haven't really drank alcohol in 9 months of pregnancy plus six months since William was born. 

I will make it through this.....nipples intact hopefully.

I'm completely open for any suggestions, mommies out there.

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Hungry Hippo said...

Whenever Adelaide would start biting, (teeth or no teeth, it still hurts!!) I would put my finger in her mouth to remove her from the nipple and I would firmly say no-no. I felt bad because she would look so sad when I would say no to her, but she stopped biting! Hope this helps! -Jen Weiland


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