Saturday, June 25, 2011

William Eats - Carrots

Another veggie, another day.  Carrots this time.  You know the drill - peal, steam, puree, serve.  He was a little hesitant and over the last week that I have been adding these into William's diet, he seems to be getting used to them.  For foods he likes, he eats without a problem.  For the ones he doesn't like, he seems to enjoy trying to blow bubbles with the food and ends up spitting them all over the place.  Carrot spray was all over the counter, highchair, himself and me.  Lovely.  hehe

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PhaseThreeOfLife said...

We always manage to choose the white bibs on carrot day, too. ;)

Mike and I did a major baby-food-making-assembly line this weekend. We added a couple of new foods: applesauce mixed with yogurt (haven't given it to him yet) and pineapple (gave it to him and he was NOT a fan, haha).


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