Tuesday, June 28, 2011

YouTube and Droid save the day

So, I am one of those people with a smart phone.  I text.  I email.  I browse Facebook.  I pay bills.  I search the internet.  I play games.  I love my phone.  Don't hate. My phone even has magical make-baby-happy powers.  The scenario:

Last night, I was out geocaching with my sister.  [Yes, I geocache.  I'm a nerd and I realize this but that's a topic for a totally different post]  We are out the last one of the day and William starts to get fussy, so mother of the year just looks faster to find the cache.  No luck so I get in the car to head home.  William's fussy turns to screaming-so-my-ears-bleed crying in about .067 seconds.  Great.  My sister sits in the back seat to try to settle him down.  She shook a toy lion in his face.  Nothing.  She tries tickling his toes.  Scream gets louder.  Still 10 minutes from home.  The next move literally made me about cry from laughter.  Since William seems to entertained by remotes, cell phones and shoes, she took off her shoe to show him.  I thought it was hilarious.  William....did not. 

So my sister now has one shoe on.  My ears are bleeding from the screaming (OK, maybe not really).  William is a soggy, crying disaster.  We are a mess. 

Then, I pull out the big guns.  How could I have forgotten.  I whip out my phone (no, no, not while I was driving) and use my YouTube app and search "Bob the Builder Theme Song".  I play this and hand to my sister in the back seat.  Not only did William stop crying, he is now laughing.  Laughing! 

It worked.  I don't care what it says about my parenting ability.  It worked.  Thank you, Droid for making this possible.  Thank you, YouTube for the great app.  Thank you, Bob the Builder for having a wonderful, scream-stopping theme song.  Thank you, EricEngelwood for posting said video.  Thank you, Melanie for taking off your shoe.  You guys make mommy ears everywhere feel better.  :)


JayZ said...

Our parenting secret is the iPhone and the Elmo's World theme song on You Tube. Works every time! What did parents do before smart phones?!

Hungry Hippo said...

We totally use our smart phones with our kids too!! Many meals out that would have gotten cut short otherwise have been lengthened by our smart phones!!

parlormate said...



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