Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Breastfeeding Rollercoaster

OK, if you are reading my blog and thinking - "Geez, I wish this woman would stop talking about her milk and/or boobs and/or nipples..." - then this probably isn't the post for you.  Fair warning.

So while I was out on maternity leave, I had breastmilk galor.  Cows were jealous of my milk that was inevitably sprinkled on the bathroom floor because I couldn't get in the shower fast enough or all over my jeans when I tried to nurse lil' man in the mall.  You get it...I had tons.  When I started back to work, it started off great and then all of a sudden my supply plumeted out of no where.  [Read: Breastfeeding Troubles] I increased my pumping sessions to try to increase with little luck.  I increased what I was eating.  I tried different foods.  I drank more water.  Nothing worked.  Then I discovered fenugreek and had great luck with it.  My supply had increased enough so I didn't have to supplment.  [Read: Breastfeeding Rebound] Mama happy.

That lasted a little while longer and then slowly, supply started to drop again even if I drank, ate, took fenugreek, jumped up and down while singing that milkshake song religiously.  I figured it was the end of my breastfeeding journey.  I knew I hadn't 'failed' but it wasn't what I wanted. 

Well, I figured it out....what was causing my supply issues.  Yay for figuring it out.  Boo for not realizing sooner.

There has been a go-to item in my wardrobe that I have a million on hand.  Ok, maybe not a million, but at least a dozen.  I wore them throughout pregnancy and since I went back to work - tank tops with a built in bra.  My favorite are from Express - they are very fitting and slimming and smoothing and help contain the "situation" I have up top from bobbing around and giving people black eyes.  They stay stretchy and tight too!  I wore them around my huge belly during pregnancy and seriously, they are still in great shape. 

Umm...OK, so does anyone see a problem with a nursing mother who is trying to keep her milk production up and then going and putting on a super tight tank top?  So yes, I have now stopped wearing those and voila - milk again!  No need for fenugreek either.  Mama happy...again.   

So having problems with your milk supply?  Maybe look at what kind of clothing or bra you are wearing to make sure you aren't causing problems under your shirt. 


Melissa said...

Crazy! Who'd have thought?

Stef said...

I'm going to have to remember this, I live in tight tank tops, not sure why, but I feel most comfy in them.


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