Friday, June 24, 2011

I can read

  1. Imperfect Birds - Anne Lamott
  2. Operating Instructions - Anne Lamott (definitely recommend for any mother's out there)
  3. The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
  4. Catching Fire - Suzanne Collins
  5. The Audacity of Hope - Barack Obama (audio book)
  6. Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins
  7. The Green Book - Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen (definitely a book I would recommend for anyone interested in going green)
  8. Firefly Lane - Kristin Hannah
  9. Baby Proof - Emily Giffin (audio book)
  10. Healthy Child Healthy World - Christopher Gavigan (go out and buy it! wonderful resource for keeping your family healthy while living a green lifestyle!)
  11. Heart of the Matter - Emily Giffin
  12. Bossypants - Tina Fey
  13. Prey - Michael Crichton (audio book)
  14. Julia's Chocolates - Cathy Lamb
  15. In Defense of Food - Michael Pollan
  16. One Day - David Nicholls (currently reading)
  17. The Help - Kathryn Stockett (currently reading)
  18. Dismantled - Jennifer McMahon (up next)
Most of the books I read are recommendations from friends (or mostly one friend - thanks Alisha).  Every now and then I will hear about a book on TV or at work and I will make note of it on my phone to check out at the library later.  I heard of Tina Fey's Bossypants on Oprah (of course) and put it on hold at the library behind the 75 other people.  HIL.AR.I.OUS!  This is Tina's autobiography - she talks about her start in improv, moving to SNL, creating 30 rock and motherhood.  It's an easy read and she is a very funny writer.  Looking for a laugh - check it out.

Also, In Defense of Food was quite an eye-opening book for me.  It made me think of the food that is available to us in a different way.  It's not a book to live by to lose weight, it's a book to educate you on where your food is coming from and what you should be considering when you select what you eat each day.  Definitely informational for me.
Sinve I've been reading much more lately, I haven't watched TV almost at all.  So instead of plopping my rear on the couch and staring at the tube during my free time, I'm plopping my rear on the couch and staring whatever book I'm currently obsessed with.  Is this an improvement?  haha


Alisha said...

you MUST add ROOM to your to-read list. I am almost finished with it and I just started like 3 days ago.

Tenacious V said...

I second Room--I read the entire thing in one night. Unfortunately I had to get up with the baby after staying up practically all night, but it was totally worth it. ;-)

Kelley, Brendan and Baby Brix said...

Hi there-

An awesome book is "The Space Between Us". Can't remember the your blog!




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