Friday, February 25, 2011

The other 'child'

If you followed my blog before 3 months, 1 week and 6 days ago, when William was born, you would know that I have a puppy (OK, he's not exactly a puppy, he's 1.5 years old).  Before the birth of our son, he was our 'baby'.  All our pictures were of Tressel (named after the Ohio State football coach - yes, I'm a HUGE Ohio State fan).  We would run errands and Tressel was right next to us.  We would make trips multiple times a week to Doggy Disneyland (aka the dog park).  He was our guy. 

Everyone tried to tell us that after you have a baby, you just don't focus on your dog as much.  Sadly, this has come true.  We haven't made all those visits to the dog park.  We're lucky to capture Tressel in the background of one of the hundreds of pictures of William.  We bring William with us to run errands and that leaves much less room for Tressel to join.  

So far, Tressel has been such a great 'big brother'.  He is so gentle with lil'man and if Liam cries, Tressel either panics and comes to get hubby and me or he stays close to try to comfort him.  He has definitely been jealous.  If I'm feeding lil' man or he's snuggled on my chest, Tressel feels he needs to cuddle too and pulls all 80 pounds of him onto my hubby's lap or chest.  (it's somewhat hilarious to watch, actually)  He will always be our 'baby' too.  We still love him and I think he'll be perfect and ready to be best friends with lil' man as he grows up!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure dividing the attention is hard, but I think it's great that you haven't "gotten rid of" him just because the baby came along. Sadly, many pets lose their homes because of this. Kudos for not doing that!

The Wife said...

Thanks for joining the Green Blog Hop. Sorry it took me so long to get to you.

Jacqie @


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