Monday, March 14, 2011

Too soon to potty train?

I'm done.  I'm practically to the end of my rope with diapers.  We spent a long weekend away from home this past weekend and made the decision to use disposable diapers.  Since we would be traveling and staying in hotel one night, we figured this would be the best option since doing laundry would be out of the question and our stash is not large enough to last an entire long weekend. 
Let's just say that I'm glad we packed plenty of extra outfits for lil' man.  Leak after leak after leak with the 'sposies.  Have I been using cloth diapers long enough that I just don't know how to put on a darn diaper to prevent leaking?!  We even had two different brands and had problems with both! made me miss my cloth.

So we get back home and the first diaper change, William was back in cloth.  More leaks overnight and this morning.  OK, seriously....what is going on!!!  I'm going to keep an eye to see if perhaps the diapers need to be stripped?  I've never done this and I really don't know how to tell if that's what the problem is. 

Is four months old too soon to start potty training?  HA!

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