Saturday, March 12, 2011

One year later....

Happy one year of blogging at Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat!  I started this blog to track the months thru pregnancy and thru the experience of becoming a new mommy and many things in between.

One year ago was the day the day we found out our lives would change forever when we saw Two Lines on a simple pregnancy test that would start us on a roller coaster of adventure.  It's been quite a journey so far....

Happy one year later and all the good things a year can bring!!!

[Today my baby is 4 months old too!!  Time has flown by and I have fallen in love with our new family!]

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Jaclyn said...

I remember finishing drying my hair that a.m. and seeing two missed calls from you, thinking "OMG WHAT HAPPENED." And I remember jumping up and down when I called you back and you told me. And I remember staring at my phone all day at work, waiting for you to pee on another stick at your work. I love you :)


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