Thursday, July 14, 2011

My guide to making a diaper sprayer for the non-handy

Since lil' man has recently transitioned to the lovely peanut butter poop (is that too graphic or too gross for you?), a diaper sprayer is a must for cloth diapers.  Since I am not the handiest person in the world (I can be, just not when it comes to plumbing), I have put together a tutorial for those of you that are also not handy on how to make your own diaper sprayer.  You ready?
  1. Go online
  2. Go to your favorite cloth diaper website
  3. Look for diaper sprayer
  4. Add to cart and check out
  5. Once you receive package, call someone to come over your house
  6. Have them install according to manufacturer's instructions
Between the wandering in the hardware store's plumbing aisle for half an hour looking like a dope, trying to figure out what the crap the parts on my list were and purchasing those, paying about as much as buying a complete diaper sprayer would cost, attempting to assembly my sprayer, taking another trip to the hardware store for some plumber's tape, assembling with plumber's tape, taking another trip to the hardware when my hose was leaking, assembling with new hose - it's pretty safe to say I would just buy one the next time.  hehe

Even with the progression into "real" poop, I still love the fluff!!

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