Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby's New Toys

So I recently talked here about how my kid is hard to entertain.  However, I think I figured out the trick....

1 - plastic serving spoon
1 - DVD case
1 - baby sock
1 - DVD player baby-proof cover
(In the background) 1 - toy box full of unused toys.....

That seems to be all that is needed to keep entertained over an extended period of time.  He has spent days carrying around this spoon, dragging it everywhere he goes.  The DVD cover thingy was ripped off the entertainment stand about five seconds after it was put up and he has spent weeks entertained by that.  The DVD case is a more recent find out of a large basket in our living room, but I can tell they will be long lasting friends.  The sock - he has spent all weekend dragging it around like it was his favorite stuffed animal or blankie. 

So what should I get William for his first birthday?  Maybe I can dig out some measuring cups or an old t-shirt to play with....hehe

1 comment:

PhaseThreeOfLife said...

Oh yes! In our house, the favorite toy is an empty CVS medicine bottle filled with uncooked couscous. ;)


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