Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Food from 'home'

Although I live in Illinois now, I was born and raised in Ohio.  Grew up near Cincinnati and went to The Ohio State University (yes, The).  Although I love where we are now, there is plenty I miss from home - family (most of my family is in Ohio), Ohio State, friends and then there's the food.  I guess when you grow up eating certain food regularly, when you can't have it anymore on a regular basis you CRAVE it! 

Even though I can get the sauce in jars to bring to Illinois, I miss LaRosa's pizza.  I miss Graeter's ice cream - seriously, can someone get me a turtle sundae, please.  And above all, I repeat, ABOVE ALL, I miss Skyline Chili.  It is my favorite food, hands down.  I worked at Skyline (can you say Skyline chili chick, Alisha?) for many years in high school and college and before I moved to Illinois had probably never gone more than a week without eating it.  I was one of the happiest ladies in the world when I discovered I could actually get it here at the grocery (although it's not the same).  Just the smell brings me back...yummy.

Well, I'm happy to now be able to share that with lil' man.  Over the weekend, he tried it and it's official, he's my son.  He LOVED it.  There's some hope that he may have a chance to be a Cincinnati boy after all. 

Baby's 1st Cincinnati chili 3-way:  spaghetti, chili, cheese

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Grandma V said...

Grandma is proud that you are teaching him about the finer things in life at such a young age! You had your first 3-way at six months! You loved it too!


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