Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm boring you, I realize

So I'm pretty well aware of the fact that I have been overly dull around this place lately.  I haven't been writing much and I haven't been dropping in my hilarious sense of humor (wait, did I ever bring that?). 

Things in my life are...well...fantastic.  Lil' man is nine months old.  In baby growing terms that means he's all over the house and crawling and he's a minute away from walking.  He plays with the toys he is capable of getting out himself - although I have a feeling we have years away from him being able to put them away.  He has five teeth.  My kid has FIVE TEETH!  See, I feel that's perhaps why it's so dull around here.  THAT is what I find exciting these days.  HA!  He laughs and smiles and follows me around the house.  He reaches for me when he wants me to hold him.  He loves mango, zucchini and apple but HATES carrots.  He can climb an entire flight of stairs without hesitation in about 60 seconds.  He's terrified of the vacuum cleaner but thinks it's hilarious when you pretend to drop him.  His favorite toy is still his glow worm and he cuddles with him all night long.  He likes when I squeeze his nose and make a "beep beep" sound.  He has a personality the size of a house and I could sit and watch him play in the living room for hours (and I do...). 

The first months of his life, I snuggled and cuddled and didn't want to think about putting him down.  I thought THAT was fun then, imagine my surprise when I find it keeps getting better. 

So I only ask your forgiveness if I'm a little slow around here.  I'm just trying not to miss a second of this....


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. I know exactly how you mean - those moments are so precious and we have to treasure them with every breath we have.

I've added this post to my Blog Promotions page - hope that's okay.

CJ xx

Anonymous said...

not to worry....not to worry....


throwingnotesoverthewall said...

Love it :)


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