Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My kid is a ham

When William was born, he came out looking exactly like his mama.  People asked if there was a father that was even involved because there was no denying that he was his mother's child.  The nose, the mouth, the cheeks.  It all looked like me.  There was no denying I birthed this adorable baby that hubs and I cuddled up to and admired.  I'm pretty sure Adam was there for it, right?

Flash forward a few months and that question would be answered with absolute certainty.  His looks somewhat flip flopped and I sometimes am a little terrified that I am actually holding a baby version of my husband.  Identical.  Eyes, cheeks, blond hair, his expressions.  Seriously....borderline creepy how similar they look. 

There are only fragments of similarities between lil' man and me now.  A hint of resemblance in the nose and lips.  Who else could he have gotten that ginormous head from?  And lastly....he is a ham.

I'm sure my parents remember as clear as day memories of me yelling "Daddy!  Look at me, daddy!" while trying to get attention while I performed my latest trick or sang my newest song.  Home movies of me practically shoving my baby sister out of the way so the camera would be on me (What baby?)  It's no surprise I grew into a larger ham while performing in musical theater in high school.  To this day, I'm a ham...bordering (OK, probably over the border) obnoxious.  [Dad, I'm sorry - let's be serious.  There's no denying that you are the same way and I'm a mirror image of you....]

My son....a ham of the next generation.  When he does something, he will look over at you.  If you smile, he will get so excited and just grin from ear to ear.  If you do not look at him and smile, he will grunt.  I know that little mind of his is just trying to vocalize "Look at me, mommy!  I'm awesome and you need to see!"  Don't even mention the camera.  I'm not sure how a baby learns this but he knows that the back of my phone means it is time to put on an award-winning smile.  He could be gagging from a new, disgusting food I am feeding him, he will see the camera and BAM - beets dripping out of his mouth, he will put on a smile between gagging.  If the dog is in the way of him displaying his awesomeness - no problem, he can muscle him out of the way to display his talents.

It's kind of adorable and gives me hope that he has a little bit of his mommy in him.  It's not ALL that bad....

"What??  I'm not a ham....I'm a stud."

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