Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My kid is sometimes hard to entertain

So we thought we would be the kind of parents that didn't let their kid have tons of toys.  The kid doesn't need that many - they will be happy to play with a cardboard box and a spoon.  Then you have a kid and realize they can get bored...easily.  He will crawl at the speed of light a kid who can crawl fast, right past the toys and go for the closest shoe, dog toy or remote control.  So I figured we just had some shitty, lame toys around.  That just meant that we needed to step up our game and get some sweet toys.

So Adam and I went on a date about a week ago and decided to go shopping and buy William something new.  This was a big decision for us at the store.  We walked up and down the aisle pushing all the toys' buttons and playing all the musical ones and analyzing the pros and cons of each. (yes...this was fun for us)  So we finally decide to get this light-up, talking, musical basketball hoop.  William was interested at first, then loved it and then was over it - all in the matter of about thirty five seconds. 

So last night, I was going through William's room and trying to see if there were any toys or clothes we should get out now that he's a little older.  BINGO!  I found this bubble-blowing, singing octopus thingy for the bath tub.  I can't wait to show William!!  I'm going to be the coolest mom ever!!

First he flinched.  Ok, that's ok - bubbles are new to him, he just gets a little scared before he realizes how cool this thing is.  The flinch passed and he stared.  Ok, he's skeptical, but that's only because he doesn't realize this magical bubble-blowing octopus also plays music!  Nothing.  Still nothing.  He actually tries to duck out of the way of the bubbles that appear to be annoying him. 

Hmm....well at least the hubby and the dog were quite entertained by it.

I think I would have bombed less if I would have just given him a shoe to play with - he always seems to like those.

"Whoa....shiny, slimy things in my face...."
[notice how excited Adam is at the new toy....]

[looking at singing, bubble-blowing Octopus]
"That's all you got?  Yeah...totally not interested.  I've seen dog toys that are cooler than that."

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JayZ said...

Jos cried when we first showed her bubbles. Now she loves them. She knows where they are and points in that direction and "talks" until I figure out she wants bubbles. I've realized that kids may hate something one minute and love it the next so keep trying. And my husband and I have so much fun in the toy aisle. He loved going to Toys R Us before kids so having a kid now is an excuse to go more often.

On another note, I recently reorganized her toy box and put some of the toys that were on the bottom on the top. It was like they were new toys to her...for about a minute and then she was over it. A remote control, on the other hand, will keep her busy for at least 30 minutes.


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