Monday, April 19, 2010

(Buckeye) Bun in the Oven

Adam and I had made a deal (before we got pregnant). I get to raise our daughters to be Ohio State fans. He gets to raise our sons to be Illinois fans.

I didn't mean to lie on purpose....but our children....will be raised Ohio State fans.
Adam teaches the dog tricks.....

I will be teaching our kids "O-H" "I-O" from the age they will be able to speak and somewhat be able to move their arms in the shape of the letters.

They will be the first kids in their class to be able to spell OHIO when they actually live in Illinois.

They will know what Muck Fichigan means and will be allowed to say 'damn' only if it's in the song "We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan...."

They will ask to paint their room Scarlet and Gray when they are 2 years old.

They will know who Jim, Eddie and Archie are.

They will be one of "those" kids that has the Ohio State cheerleader or football uniform.

I will be able to teach them at a very young age that if people hate you because you are an Ohio State's only because they are jealous that you are better than them.

Pretty much...they are going to be Buckeye fans from birth. In preparation of this day....Grandma and Grandpa Von Wahlde have purchased some "start up equipment" to help with this. Who doesn't need an Ohio State sippy cup, OSU bib and OSU pacifiers?? (pictures to come) I already have two children's books ready to we just need to to start raising the future Buckeye.

Shhhhh.....don't tell Daddy.......


Alisha said...

This rocks.

We already have Baby Brutus Books in our collection! (We get OSU books pretty much every Christmas)

Now we need to find a Buckeye Mobile that plays Script Ohio and other baby buckeye lullabys? (is it lullabies?) hmmmm....

David & Maria Laura said...

LOL, I love it! So sneaky!


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