Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Where the Heart Is....

So I would imagine it's a pretty common worry among pregnant women - something is wrong.

It might not be for any "real" reason that they are worried....just 'cuz.

When I first found out I was pregnant, I took an additional pregnancy test, just to confirm. About two weeks later, I took another...just to "make sure" I was still pregnant.

The first doctor's appointment - to be able to see the baby and hear its heartbeat was a huge sigh of relief. But it was still early in the pregnancy, so of course, I still worried.

Today was my second doctor's appointment. I knew I wouldn't be able to 'see' the baby this time, but a doctor's approval that things were OK would grant me the reassurance I needed for the time being that things were just fine.

Cherry on top? I actually got to hear the baby's heartbeat again!!! This time with a doppler that was used on my belly. The doctor instructed me to put my hand on the speaker....and I could actually "feel" the beating heart from the sound. It was such a wonderful feeling and that sigh of relief I needed to know things were OK. It felt wonderful! I told the doctor that my husband would be jealous and she suggested recording it. I did, with my blackberry, and was able to let Adam listen when I got home. I keep listening to it over and over again and have been glowing ever since!!! That's our baby!!!

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Stefanie said...

This is awesome - did you transfer the audio file to computer??? You need to save that, FOREVER! :)


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