Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everyone knows!!!

As of yesterday....parents knew, brothers and sisters knew, aunts and uncles knew....

.....cousins knew, friends knew, my parent's travel agent knew, my sister's hair stylist knew, my dad's entire office knew....I'm also pretty sure that everyone my mom passed on the street, in the grocery store, in the mall and at the dentist knew too.


Most anyone around me knew that these were the folks that I wasn't screaming the news from the rooftops to. Those same people all seemed quite confused on why this teensy bit of information to my bosses would make me nervous. Seriously?!?! Knowing that by the end of the year I would be sitting at home, sleep-deprived, changing poopy diapers, feeding a baby all day/night long and having all sorts of fun while not working while they continued to pay me for 6 weeks. The fact that I haven't worked in this group for even double digit months yet did not help my nerves. Also, since I have two (not just one) male bosses....I guess I wasn't open-minded enough to give them enough credit to 'accept' this bit of news.

So today was the day to tell them. Meeting scheduled? CHECK. Talked to HR about company policy? CHECK. Game plan developed with Adam? CHECK. Don't throw up on the bosses while in the meeting? I'll try really hard.....

Well, the 'somewhat' good news is that they were completely understanding and friendly about it.

The 'super duper' great news is that I didn't throw up (or do any other bodily function) during the entire meeting!!!


Jaclyn said...

You're special.

Jaclyn said...
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