Thursday, April 22, 2010

To eat or not to eat....deli meat

So several people have asked if I have had any cravings so far. Well....I have an answer for that.

Do you know when you CAN'T have something and it only makes you want it MORE? I'm totally feeling that right now. If you go online and read the things that pregnant women should avoid doing and eating....I'm pretty sure all women would end up laying in a ball in bed most of the day, unable to eat or drink ANYTHING! That's almost what it feels like. Avoid nitrates, eat organic (because of risk of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, etc.), no tuna (mercury risk), no sushi (mercury and parasite risk), no deli meats (listeria risk), avoid most/all seafood (mercury risk), raw or undercooked eggs (salmonella), soft cheeses (food-borne illness risk), unpasteurized milk or juice (food-borne illness risk), excess caffeine (could cause miscarriage and dehydration), alcohol (duh), etc. The list goes on and on.
I'm fine with about all of them. I will miss my soft cheeses though - blue cheese on salad or yummy goat cheese (unpasteurized) on homemade bruschetta anyone?? Yummy!! Also, a runny egg sandwich sounds amazing. I can make the sacrifice.

What do I want? A #16 on french, no tomato with a bag of plain kettle chips - Oh Jimmy Johns, how I miss thee. A #16 is a turkey sandwich that I am wanting so bad, it makes my teeth hurt! However, turkey falls under the "no deli meat" rule. By spending about 30 seconds online, you can see that "everyone's doing it", but is it worth it? Most people don't even know you aren't supposed to eat deli meat and I'm sure there have been millions of babies born without a single blip of a problem while the mommies ate their #16s and Subway sandwiches all the 9 months.

Get in my belly...... eat....or not to eat....that is the question......

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