Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's the point?

So I guess I started this blog to try to keep some sort of a record of my pregnancy (and hopefully after baby is born too!). I don't keep a journal (even though I've always 'meant' to) and I haven't been keeping up with my scrapbooking that much. I figured this would be a way to jot down my thoughts and feelings and what's going on with me (and the baby). I've found that my memory is turning into something like my mother's (sorry, mom) and I don't seem to recall things that I might have considered myself able to do previously. I'm convinced, after having countless hours of conversations with Jaclyn, that this is because my brain is full of things that happened about 15 years - like ridiculous, random, absolutely useless memories from our childhood/teenage years. So why not blog, right?

And although my mother gets multiple calls a day from me, most days (again, sorry, mom), I hate being away from my family and seeing them all the time, so this might also be a way they can see what's going on with us and not have to pick up the phone or Facebook stalk me. Aren't I making it almost too easy?

So although I have backdated some of the previous posts from notes I had been keeping before on my own, I start the blog now.....or again....

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