Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another baby step

The hubby and I are trying to make baby steps towards being more green.  One recent change - air drying our cloth diapers.  We have been air drying our covers on a rack in the laundry room, but decided to take these outside.  Besides, I heard that sun removes stains.  Even though I didn't actually believe sun, that shiny thing in the sky, would be capable of removing stains...umm, I have learned not to doubt.  The little staining we had on a few of the diapers were gone in just a few hours in the sun!!  Wohoo!

Also, see that clothes line there?  We have started taking advantage of nice weather (when we have it) and drying other things outside too - sheets, pillowcases, blankets, couch cover.  We haven't worked up to clothes or towels yet.  Even a few loads of laundry that bypass the dryer a week could make a big difference.  It all adds up....

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