Thursday, April 14, 2011

Parenting is not for those with weak stomachs

Part of parenting = baby bodily functions.

I took the afternoon off work today and since I've been with William, we are on the fourth outfit.  Yes, as in outfit 1, then 2, then 3 and finally change 4...

Daddy had him dressed in outfit #1 when I got home to great my lil' man.  He had just woken up from his morning nap and I was going to feed him, change his diaper and then head to the mall (for a few errands and to use my new ERGO again!!!).  Holy pee boy.  Wet wet wet diaper change and into outfit #2.  Now he's stinkin' cute and ready to be shown off to all the folks at the mall.  I feed him and holy spit-up monster.  I'm not talking a little burp followed by a little spit-up.  I'm talking we are now soaked and there is no hope for his clothes....or mine.  Onto outfit #3 for William, #2 for mama. 

Finally we are off to the mall where we have a marvelous time walking around and checking out all the stores.  Babywearing fun was had by all - William and me.  I feel warmth.  I'm thinking this is only because our body heat is on each other and we've been, ya know, walking around the mall.  We get to the car.  Holy babywearing, diaper explosion nightmare.  Oh yes.  And if you are keeping score, onto #4 for William, #3 for mama. 

I'm convinced that between the bodily functions and the crying that babies are responsible for, it is precisely why God made them so honkin' cute!


PhaseThreeOfLife said...

Oh my... especially for the third "accident." This is definitely why god made them so stinkin' cute. Who could be mad at those sweet faces??

Here's hoping tomorrow brings a MAX of only two outfit changes ;)

Amy said...

LOVE your blog! So, for that I give you the Versatile Blogger Award!
With Blogging Love...


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