Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A trip to the library

I did something yesterday that I haven't done (I'm ashamed to admit) in almost ten years....I went to the library.  I got a library card and checked out my first book in just as long. 

This doesn't mean that I haven't read a book in ten years, I just tend to buy them (or in rare cases, just borrow from someone) and even then the list has been small of the books I've read.  Since my hubby and I are on a mission to eliminate our debt and start saving more, we have been evaluating the things we spend money on.  We ask ourselves if we really need the item and look for alternatives if there are any.  We even have our own envelopes of 'personal spending' money that we each get to spend on things.  Once it's gone, no more until the next month for anything personal or eating out. 

So this week, I found a post over at Phase Three of Life talking about a book that sounded like a good read - Anne Lamott's Operating Instructions: A journal of My Son's First Year.  She even linked to Amazon and with that dangerous '1-click ordering' button, it was an easy purchase and a great price.  Then I I NEED to buy this?  Wouldn't it be great if there was a magical building that stored lots and lots of books and they let you borrow them for free?  What a concept?  So I headed to the library.

They didn't have Operating Instructions, so they are ordering it from another location.  In the meantime, I've started Anne Lamott's Imperfect Birds.

Wow...look at me - library cards and reading and fiction [I'm totally a non-fiction, science kind of gal] and buying parts for a diaper sprayer.  I hardly recognize myself.  hehe

This is also a step in the right direction to set a good example for my lil' man.  How can I expect to raise him to understand that books and reading are wonderful and so important if I, myself, don't pick up a book regularly.  Baby steps....


PhaseThreeOfLife said...

Oooooh, sorry to almost be responsible for an extra dent in the checking account! ;) I want to read more of her books, so you'll have to let me know "Imperfect Birds" is.

Jaclyn said...

Wait, "Imperfect Birds" is fiction? I'm so proud of you!!!! ((hugs and the jumping up and down dance))


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