Saturday, April 9, 2011


How many times do you hear someone talk about how breastfeeding helped a new mom get back to her pre-pregnancy weight.  Breastfeeding helps to burn up to 500 calories a day.  You'll be fitting in your jeans in no time. 

Although I was counting on breastfeeding to help a little, I knew I had work to do to shed the pregnancy pounds.  However, this is ridiculous.  I've been taking the steps to become healthier - eating fruits and veggies like it is my job, working out several times a week, drinking water like it might start to come out of my ears, cutting back on the quantity I eat, eliminating fast food and other junk [oh's been a month since I had fast food].  The pounds should be coming off, even if not a lot, some??  Pretty please??


Since I've already had problems with my milk supply, I've been playing a balancing game on getting enough calories and nutrients to keep my milk supply up and good for lil' man, but at the same time trying to cut back.  Not an easy game to play.

So needless to say, it's been quite frustrating.  Then I hear someone say that their mom never lost weight until they stopped breastfeeding.  A quick search on the internet shows that this is fairly common.  Hmm.....not what I was hoping for.  Breastfeeding is too important to me for a little weight loss to get in the way.  So I guess I will keep focusing on eating healthy whether I can fit into any of my clothes or not.

One day I will fit into my clothes and hopefully get my wedding band to fit again....hehe

Anyone else have this problem?
Note:  To all you skinny bitches that dropped every last pregnancy pound after your first trip to the toilet after you gave birth....I don't want to hear about it.  Now is the not the time...HA!

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Tenacious V said...

I feel ya. I have lost 15 lbs., but I still have 20 to go, and I'm 14 months post-partum. I lost the 15 with Weight Watchers, but I was so darn hungry all. the. time. I have several friends who are having problems dropping the pregnancy weight, too, despite breastfeeding. Just think of it this way: We're evolutionarily fit. If famine or catastrophe hit, you and I and our babes would outlast all the skinny bitches. ;-)


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