Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can you ever be prepared?

As the day gets closer and closer that Adam and I will be welcoming William into our family, we are trying to get things ready to be as prepared as possible.  We have set up the baby's room, washed clothes, set up the bassinet, ordered our cloth diapers and set up the car seat.  All the "obvious" get-ready-for-baby tasks. 

We have what we need to add William to our medical insurance when he's born, I have notified just about everyone at work to let them know of my impending maternity leave (like me waddling down the halls doesn't give THAT away) and everything is ready thru HR. 

We have selected a pediatrician. 

I have started stocking up on some things we need around the house - to eliminate any unnecessary trips to the store right after we bring baby home.  I have even typed up address labels of family and friends so when we decide to send out birth announcements, we won't have to take the time to write them all out (and ordered return address labels too!). 

We even went and bought a new camera to be able to capture those amazing moments with our baby boy from the moment we welcome him into our world!

We have taken the childbirth classes and breastfeeding classes.  We have read the baby books. 

Adam has notified his teachers that his baby is due to make sure they are prepared for a possible absence and to be able to submit work ahead of time.

We have attended a baptism class at our church to figure out what we need to do when we are ready to have him baptized.

The guest bedroom is ready for when my family comes to town for William's birth.

I've gotten our bills paid and up to date to avoid having to do that right after his birth.

I still need to pack my bag for hospital and I'd like to pre-register at hospital too.  I also want to buy a few nursing bras also.

Just about every idea that comes to my head to get "ready" for baby, we've been trying to get done to be better "prepared."

With all of this.....I just kind of chuckle to myself.  Like ANY of this will make a difference in trying to keep our world right side up when we are getting ready to welcome a baby into this world and into our lives and into our family.  I'm sure we still won't be able to figure out which way is up!  I realize that it is impossible to be prepared for such an amazing, life-changing event!  We are so anxious and excited and nervous!

Anything that you did before welcoming your little one(s) to try to be more "prepared"??  Or am I really missing something BIG that I should be doing???


Andrea said...

Wow! Not too much longer to go. Sounds like you're very prepared. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following! I'm following you back! Have a great week and good luck with the upcoming delivery!


Lauren said...

Your blog is so cute! Thanks for following Three Crazy Munchkins! I'm now following back!


Rachel R. said...

Sounds like you are really on the ball - congrats!

I'm a new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesdays. Feel free to stop by and enter my giveaways:


Hungry Hippo said...

You are making me feel freally unprepared and we have done this once before!! Those little things you have done will make a difference once William is here. Great job being on top of things!

Natalie said...

I would go to the Peoria Breastfeeding Resource Center to try on and buy nursing bras. They have all the best brands and you can try them on. I was so glad that I had 3 bras to take with me to the hospital because once your milk comes in you will want a really good bra.

caryl.mqt said...

This is quite impressive! You two sound totally prepared. The neat thing is, all that you've done ahead will probably mean you can spend even more time enjoying being (and learning to be) new parents together!


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