Thursday, October 28, 2010

William's Birthday will be November 12th!! we may have been expecting - little stinker did not turn and is completely content where he's at in the breech position.

Over the last week, I have done a little reading and asking around regarding external version and I made the decision that it wasn't best for me and baby boy.  I did not want to put any unnecessary stress on the baby and I'm less than thrilled at the idea of having to have an emergency c-section or it being completely unsuccessful (as many are...).

Also, over the last week, I have let the idea of a c-section sink in and have accepted that this is what will be best for upside-down William and me. 

So....with all that said - November 12th should be William's birthday!!!  Unless I go into labor between now and then, surgery is scheduled for 15 days from now!!!  YIKES!!  [deep breaths......]

William is almost here!!! 

[in the spirit of football season - he'll be here in time for three Ohio State regular season games!!  Vs. Penn State, Iowa and of course the big rivalry, Michigan!!  hehe, I know, I'm pathetic]


Mom vs. the boys said...

Boys are stubborn like that! lol good luck!

caryl.mqt said...

Well, he sounds like one tough little "Buckeye," for sure!

Melly said...

Hi there, Cute name!
I'm following from the hop.
Stop by sometime.

Hop on Monday with weekly guest host.
Have a nice day!

Mia said...

I don't know man. We might be able to convert him if we get him in our Michigan claws soon enough :D


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